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Hi folks,

The month of May holds a lot of special memories for me.

This was the month Bolton Furniture moved to our present location. We were located one block north until we moved to 118 East Montgomery St. This move brought happiness and a good vision for the future.

That was over 40 years ago – where has the time gone?

May 1 was the date that sister Willette was born. Had she lived, she would be 89 years old. So many good and happy memories flood my mind as I recall the days gone by.

The month of May is the time we celebrate Mother’s Day. Paying tribute to our mothers is something we should never take for granted.

President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day in the year 1914, and it has grown each and every year.

Many songs and poems have been written about mothers, and they always prove to be great sellers. The early country music singers The Louvin Brothers made a hit with this song, “God Bless Her, ’Cause She’s My Mother.” Jimmy Dean, made a hit with his song about his mother.

A poem that I love is titled “Mother’s Place.” I would like to share it with readers of Home Folks U.S.A. It goes like this:

As we remember years gone by,

We recall a certain phrase,

For very often Mom would say,

“Well, that’s a mother’s place.”

It was her place to heal the hurt,

With the gentlest tender kiss,

To remind us of forgotten chores

When we had been remiss.

It was her place to cook our meals

And make us go to school,

To make us mind our manners

And learn the “Golden Rule.”

It was her place, our Daddy said,

To brighten up his world,

And so she did, but still had time

For all the boys and girls.

Now there’s a corner of our hearts,

The biggest, warmest space,

And none shall ever claim that part,

For that is Mother’s Place.

Till next time,

Your friend,