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Chromebooks improve RHS classrooms

The Northwest Alabama Resource Conservation and Development Council recently awarded Russellville High School $10,320.51 that has been put toward advancing technology at the school.

RHS Principal Jason Goodwin said the money went toward purchasing more Chromebooks that will help various departments with ACT preparation and other programs. The school was able to purchase 50 Chromebooks with the grant money.

“It was our biggest need because we have so many programs that the students use,” Goodwin said.

He said he identified this need a year ago by asking the teachers what they needed the most, and they said more technology was needed in the classrooms to meet the size of the student body and the workload.

“We’re at a more adequate level now, but our goal is to make more progress in that area,” Goodwin said.

Teacher Chris Heaps said the Chromebooks provide the students with many resources and encourage online learning and research.

“Although the Chromebook is just a tool for learning, it provides many students with the access to technology that they might not have otherwise due to financial limitations,” he explained. “We are excited to move forward toward a 1:1 students-to-Chromebook ratio so all students can have access to a Chromebook if needed.”

Teacher Jill Bonds said the Chromebooks also extend learning outside of the classroom because it allows her to help the students when they aren’t in her classroom. She uses Google Classroom, an online classroom where she can post assignments, quizzes, essay prompts and online review games. Chromebooks also allow for collaboration between the students and Bonds.

“My favorite part of using this technology in the classroom is the ability to easily differentiate for student ability levels and learning styles. I am able to modify assignments and classwork for individual students,” Bonds said. “The scaffolding capabilities are limitless.”

Goodwin said teachers and students have already seen positive results, and this is only one step toward completing their goal of complete technology accessibility.