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Hi folks,

It’s always a real pleasure to see some of our older customers entering the doors at Bolton’s. It’s good to see everyone, but some of the older generation likes to talk about how things used to be, and we always laugh as we remember the days of yesteryear – and most everyone has a happy story.

I remember a lady many years ago who came in during the Christmas season, and she complained the entire time she was shopping. Nothing pleased her, and she had nothing nice to say about anything or anyone.

Some of her remarks: “It’s a mad house,” “I despise having to shop,” “My husband expects me to do it all,” “The lazy rascal never gets out of the house, just sits and watches TV.”

She was well advanced in years, and I found out later she was a complainer in her younger days. She complained about the schools, the teachers, even the bus driver. She claimed her children were treated as second-class individuals. Her neighbors were always meddling in her business. She was just a very unhappy person.

Some people just enjoy being miserable, and they try to make everyone around them miserable.

I also remember another dear sweet lady who loved life and tried to make everyone around her happy. Some of her remarks were as follow: “Those dear sweet ladies down at the church brings me a cake every Christmas,” “The children selling something for the schools always come by to see me, and I always try to make them happy by purchasing whatever they are selling.”

Her neighbors would bring her flowers or roses from their flower gardens. People shared their vegetables from the garden with this sweet lady. Everyone just loved being around her because she was kind, generous and always had a kind word to say about everything.

She attended church on a regular basis, and when she became unable to drive, someone always carried her wherever she needed to go.

The world would be a much better place to live if we had more people like this dear lady. I would love to give the name of each person, but it would cause a lot of problems.

These are memories of days gone by.

Till next time,

Your friend,