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Senior student-athletes reflect on high school sports

As the Class of 2019 prepared to graduate, senior student-athletes took some time to reflect on their favorite memories from high school and what they will miss the most as they turn the page to the next chapter of their lives.

Gabbie Moore


“My favorite high school sports memory is when we got to play in the old gym against Deshler just like old times. I am going to miss everything about sports – the games, the fans, the bus rides to the games and just getting to play the game I love every day.”

Anna Belle Humphres


“My favorite memory from sports was making it to state in cross country. I am really going to miss the cross-country practices with all of my teammates.”

Les Montgomery


“My favorite memory would have to be when we came back from 15 points down at halftime to beat Phil Campbell on their senior night. I will miss all of it. I will miss getting to play basketball with my friends and even the practices.”

Nate Owens

Phil Campbell

“It’s hard to single out one memory. Every moment I had with a black-and-gold jersey with Bobcats across the chest is a memory I will never forget. If I had to choose, though, it would be when Austen Baker and I hit back-to-back home runs.

“I will miss hearing the cheers of the crowd when one of my teammates or myself made a big play. That gave me chills.”

Reagan Kuykendall

Red Bay

“My favorite memory would have to be making it as far as we did this year in basketball. I won’t ever be able to forget that last game. It was so upsetting finishing my season, but at the same time, knowing what kind of season we had been through made all of the good and bad games worth it.

“It was also great to finish my last year with my mom and my sister. That made it even more special.

“What I will miss most about sports at Red Bay is being a part of a team. Each sport I competed in, everyone made it feel like we were one big family. I will miss my friends the most.”

Abby Davis

Phil Campbell

“My favorite memory would definitely have to be going to the Final Four in Birmingham with my team. That is one thing I would never trade for the world. It might not have been the outcome we wanted, but we can never replace those memories we made that year.

“The thing I will miss most about athletics at Phil Campbell is being able to play in our new gym. After playing at Northwest after the tornado, to have a gym of our own was such an honor. That gym was and will always be a big part of my life. It was my second home.”

Megan Warhurst


“My favorite memory of high school athletics was winning the area championship for the first time in Russellville softball history. I will miss the friendships I have made over the years with my teammates – but I am so excited to move forward to the next level in college.”

Colton Corum

Red Bay

“My favorite memory was when we finally knocked off Belgreen my senior year – all three times.

“The best one, though, was in the county championship with the gym absolutely packed and extremely loud!! We came out firing and didn’t let up till the end. We had come so close my junior year, all three times losing by one possession. It was a relief to finally say the county was ours.

“I will miss the closeness of our team. We were all like brothers and such a close-knit family. I will miss the games, especially the way we brought boys basketball back at Red Bay. Having close to 1,000 people in our gymnasium almost every home game this year was just a very WOW moment and feeling.

“I will also miss my coach. Coach Torisky could have cared less how our record was. He just wanted us to give our all each time, no matter the outcome. But the most important thing was he wanted us to all succeed in life and become great, godly men!

“I will miss Gath, Hunter and Noah tremendously as well. We have literally played every game together our entire lives, and I’m going to miss them so much!”

Karlie Moore


“My best memory by far is going to state and making it to regionals each year in softball. I will miss practicing and being with my girls on a daily basis. That’s what meant the most.”

Carson Petree


“My favorite memory of high school sports is all the great times in the football locker room with everyone. I will miss the brotherhood and family that was created for me through high school sports.”

Chase Allen

Red Bay

“My favorite memory would have to be when I hit my home run at Waterloo. There is no feeling like it – especially when I thought I would never hit one!

“What I’m going to miss most is the daily routine of going to school, waiting to go to practice and getting better while having a great time with my friends!”

Lucas McNutt


“My favorite memory was against East Limestone when I hit two free-throws to win the area championship in basketball.”

Jacob Lewis


“My favorite memory was when I had the opportunity to play for Donovan Hand. He’s inspired me to do the best I ever could in baseball, and I’ll always cherish this memory.

“I’ll always miss walking out on that diamond with the rest of my teammates.”


Brant Bragwell


“My favorite memory is winning the area championship when we were sophomores. The thing I will miss most is the bus rides home at night after the games.”

Jaceton Murray


“My favorite memory is just last week, hitting a hole-in-one at the state golf championship in Prattville. I will miss traveling and playing golf with my teammates.”