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Hi folks,

If folks in other parts of the country could observe what takes place in our part of the world, we would have a lot more happy people.

The spring and summer months bring a lot of events that offer so much joy and happiness, and for that reason alone I want to talk about events in our little part of the world.

These months bring so many festivals that everyone really enjoys. We see people who visit every year, and we look forward to their visits with us. Franklin County is bursting at the seam with festivals, and we want to thank those organizations and people that make this possible.

We have Decoration Days, when people visit their loved ones who have gone on. This is one of my weakness; I fail to do this as I should. They decorate the graves, they talk to those who have left, and most everyone feels better after such an event.

So many folks are trying to locate lost members of their families, just to see who we are really kin to. I love doing this, and it makes you appreciate those who have gone on.

Memorial Day, we remember people who have served our country.

July 4, we pause to remember our country.

Veteran’s Day is so important that big parades are planned for those who we remember.

Thanksgiving we pause to give thanks for the great way God has blessed us.

Christmas we pause to think of our Creator and give thanks. We should do this every day of the year.

I am thankful I live in a country where we can be a part of all the holidays and have the freedom to express our views without being punished by our government. Let us never forget how well we all have been blessed.

We want to offer our condolences to the Britnell family on the loss of “Sweet Sue,” the wife of brother Charlie Britnell. They shared many years of happiness together and were such a great influence on so many people. I believe our county is better today because of Sue and Charlie Britnell.

So many people offer beautiful smiles and words of encouragement to everyone they meet. Such is the case of Mr. Floyd Thorn. I saw that demonstrated this past week as we said goodbye to Mrs. Louise Thorn, the wife of Floyd for 60-plus years. Even with sadness in his heart, and tears in his eyes, that beautiful smile was still present. Thanks, my brother, for being the great warrior that you are.

Let us all look forward to the coming days and try to be that good example that our maker asks us to be.

Til next time,

Your friend,