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Listen up for sounds of summer

One draw Franklin County has in abundance each summer is good live music.

This might not be Muscle Shoals, but nevertheless, if you’re looking to tune in and turn it up this summer, there are plenty of opportunities to feel the beat.

Live music is a hallmark of our local community festivals, for one thing, and the headliners planned for two upcoming gatherings are causing a lot of buzz. From what we can tell folks are pretty stoked for the Journey tribute band the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce has booked for the Watermelon Festival, for starters. That’s sure to be a great show; the Watermelon Festival headliner never disappoints.

Shenandoah is also bound to be a good show, coming to the Jam on Sloss Lake mainstage July 4. It seems the Jam on Sloss Lake has grown every year, and really the only question is whether the music or the fireworks draw more folks out. Both have been outstanding for years now, and we’re sure this year will be no different.

Exceptional opening acts will precede both of these shows.

Vina July Fest is another opportunity to enjoy some great local talent. Although this year’s musical lineup hasn’t been announced yet, we’re sure it will please those attending this year’s event.

Besides community festivals, music abounds in other arenas as well. Red Bay is planning several upcoming concerts in Heritage Park, hosting Purpose just recently to kick things off. The Kerry Gilbert Band is keeping the Roxy hopping as always, with monthly shows continuing without fail. The UNA Starlighters Jazz Band will present an entertaining evening at the Roxy June 21, and renowned American country music singer and songwriter Whisperin’ Bill Anderson is slated to take the Roxy stage June 22.
Now you can sit home and listen to your iPad or cue Pandora or Spotify if you want to, but there’s just something about live music. There’s an adrenaline, an energy you can find at a live show that you just can’t find anywhere else.
So if you’re a music-lover, we encourage you not to miss the opportunity to take advantage of all the music being offered across Franklin County. Among the chirp of crickets and the croak of bulldfrogs, the sizzle of burgers on the grill and the crack of fireworks in the starry sky – great musical acts are bringing the real sounds of summer.