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Hi folks,

Pictures tell a story, and I have a lot of pictures. It’s always a pleasure to look at these pictures and remember.

So many times, questions come to mind when I search the many photos. I have noticed that pictures of people long ago have one thing in common: They are never smiling. They have very solemn looks on their faces.

A picture of my grandmother and grandfather shows no happiness. I never saw any of my grandparents.

I have another picture of George (Slick) Grissom. He is sitting at the dining table enjoying a meal prepared by his wife, Ms. Pearl. You can tell he is happy as he enjoys his food.

A picture of Tony Bianco and his wife standing outside their business shows a happy couple. Another picture inside the business shows a big grin on the face of Tony.

A picture of Ralph Wingo and his wife, both playing a guitar, shows a happy couple, “making music.”

At the first Watermelon Festival, Mr. J.C. Grissom is all smiles as he displays the big melon that took first place.

Mrs. Morrison with the second-grade class at Rockwood School, probably in the ’30s, everyone is really posing for the camera.

In another picture, Mr. Luther Hubbard is posing for the camera, and his black hat is adding a classy look to Mr. Luther.

A photo of the Mason Lodge from the Pogo community shows a group of men well dressed as they pose for the camera. Most all have a shirt and tie on.

A picture of the congregation at Bradley Chapel Church of Christ shows a very large number of people who were members there. Today that church does not exist.

Pictures really do tell a story, and we are always happy to share these stories with the readers of Homefolks U.S.A.

Till next time

Your friend,