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Hi folks,

Another big holiday will be celebrated this month: Independence Day, the Fourth of July, was Thursday of this week.

Many of the businesses were closed, but a lot of businesses were open, and big sales took place. That’s all well and good, but our business was closed. I deserved a day of rest, and I planned to do absolutely nothing except rest and enjoy my flowers.

I have a hardy hibiscus that is in full bloom right now. This is probably the 15th year this flower has come to life. This plant was given to me as a birthday present, and it is now in full bloom.

I named this plant Hollis because it was purchased from Hollis James.

I also have five hummingbirds that are feeding every day on my front porch.

Last week brought back a lot of good memories, one being making a delivery with Mack Graham. Mack was one of the first people who helped me when I first opened our store 43 years ago. We shared a lot of laughs making this delivery, and we both agreed that we still had the strength to lift that heavy furniture.

Great memories of a great friend, Mack Graham.

One of my great friends I have mentioned in Homefolks U.S.A. is not doing well at this time. Mr. George Carter from Columbia, Tenn., has taken a turn for the worst and remains in the hospital in Columbia.

George is 90 years old but still tries to work every day. His health has gone down, and the future does not look real good for my good friend.

He told me last week, with a very weak voice, “If I could just live six more weeks, I could celebrate another birthday.” My prayer is that he will.

We both agree that long life will happen if you take good care of you body, keep an active mind, have positive thoughts, make lots and lots of good friends and stay away from doctors if possible.

The average life of a doctor is less than 60 years of age. George jokingly told me once there were more old drunks than old doctors. Maybe that’s true or not; we certainly do not encourage anyone to become a drunk.

Let’s all live a happy life, treat our fellow man right, worship the Good Lord and be prepared when our day comes to leave this world.

Till next time,

Your friend,