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Land transactions: Sept. 1-15, 2019

Sept. 3

Harold Miller to Diane Miller, Power of Attorney

Diane Miller to Harold Miller, Power of Attorney

Mary Burfield to Hoyt Burfield, Administrator’s

Wilmington Savings Fund S to Reverse Mortgage Solution, Power of Attorney

Wilmington Savings Fund S to Mark Melton, Warranty

Judy Motes to Jay Valdez, Survivorship

Jamie Parker to Christopher Parker, Quit Claim

Clinton James to William Welch, Survivorship

Fernando Fernandez to Martin Pascual, Survivorship

Ruby Hester to Matthew Stancil, Survivorship

Arthur Elliott to Brandon Cothrum, Corrective

Sept. 4

Tatana Morrowova to Michael Morrow, Power of Attorney

Linda Calvert to Michael Mann, Warranty

Gene McCalmon to Virginia McCalmon, Power of Attorney

Virginia McCalmon to Gene McCalmon, Power of Attorney

Sept. 5

Carl Cummings to Alex Vargas, Sale Contract

Sept. 6

Perry Whitlock to Mitch Rhea, Survivorship

Carl Cummings to Karri Cummings, Sale Contract

Paul McDougle to Tracy Faust, Warranty

Jaime Valdez to Nicolas Gonzalez, Sale Contract

Sept. 9

Mary Barksdale to Mary Barksdale, Warranty

James Horton to Betty Horton, Power of Attorney

Cody Garrison to Tracy Garrison, Quit Claim

Autumn Horton to Michael Wenman, Survivorship

Steve Morton to Bryan Herring, Affidavit

SK Alexander to Bryan Herring, Affidavit

Sarah Key to Timothy Boyd, Survivorship

Jetty Roe to Jetty Roe, Warranty

Carolyn Parks to Corrine Harris, Affidavit

Richard Parks to Corrine Harris, Affidavit

Bratie Underwood to Braden Mitchell, Warranty

Brad Champion to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Daniel Humphries to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Joy Reed to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Edward Landers to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Sam Lynch to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Sept. 10

William McCarthy to Diego Sanchez, Warranty

Jesus Diaz to Juan Juarez, Warranty

Jorudi Trapp to Billie Colburn, Warranty

Jason Wilson to Austin Childers, Survivorship

Leonard Lassiter to United States of America, Certification of Trust

Sept. 12

John Mcanally to Wanda Downey, Warranty

Starland Newell to Steven Smith, Warranty

Terry Raper to Franklin County Commission, Resolution

Sept. 13

Virgil Scott to Brian Scott, Easement

Joyce Saad to John Williams, Warranty

Patricia McDuffa to Martin Graham, Warranty

Wanda Bradford to Linda Quinn, Warranty

Carl Cummings to Miranda Hernandez, Warranty