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Land transactions: Sept. 16-30, 2019

Sept. 16

Barbara Hill to Gladys Harris, Affidavit

Brenda Roberts to Timothy Mcguire, Warranty

Ashley Motes to Zachary Motes, Warranty

Timothy Strawmyer to Carrie Smith, Certification of Trust

Ashley Strickland to Ashley Strickland, Survivorship

Tim Massey to Jordan Massey, Survivorship

Sept. 17

Vicki Strickland to Tillman Infrastructure, Easement

Starland Newell to Steven Smith, Warranty

Farmer & Associates Inc to RDNK Properties LLC, Warranty

Marie Cole to Katelyn Wilkinson, Warranty

Sept. 18

Joel Hester to Gernest Weeks, Warranty

Starland Newell to Annie Smith, Warranty

James Bonner to Lynda Stanphill, Power of Attorney

Penman Russellville LLC to Huddle House Inc, Agreement

Silas Mills to Terrence McCulloch, Survivorship

Woodmen of the World Life to Chris Wright, Warranty

Sept. 19

Teresa McGlaughn to Specialized Loan Servicing, Assignment Misc.

Shellie Whitehead to Gregory Whitehead, Power of Attorney

Sept. 20

Riley Shelnutt to Riley Shelnutt, Warranty

Joshua Poe to Listerhill Credit Union, Foreclosure

Jody Kiel to T Baker, Survivorship

Eddie Beason to Rodney Dale, Affidavit

Rodney Holman to Aleta Haynes, Warranty

Sept. 23

Juanita Borden to Denise Greenawalt, Survivorship

Lisa Crumbley to Skeeter Benford, Warranty

Sept. 24

Darryl Keeton to Margaret Keeton, Warranty

Jewel Lakeman to Dalton Jackson, Affidavit

Kathy Barber to Frank Mitchell, Warranty

Floyd Newell to Laura Williams, Warranty

Floyd Newell to Christopher Newell, Warranty

Floyd Newell to Denise Oliver, Warranty

Jerry Childers to Amanda Thibodeaux, Warranty

Gladys Robinson to Rhonda Rutledge, Power of Attorney

Jerry Kaundart to Ditech Financial LLC, Foreclosure

A Lane to Tanya Mojico, Warranty

Sept. 25

Essie Griffin to Carlton Lofton, Survivorship

Sept. 26

Donnie Borden to Brenda Brittingham, Executors

Donnie Borden to Donnie Borden, Executors

Paul Mcdougle to Lisa Hall, Warranty

Shirley Daniel to Teresa Evers, Warranty

Sept. 27

Amy Scott to Juanita Borden, Affidavit

Jenett Hood to Ralph Randolph, Survivorship

William Baker to Bobby Pullin, Survivorship

Brad Rickard to Ken Blankenship, Warranty

Hubert Coats to Ronald Coats, Quit Claim

Hubert Coats to Debra Evans, Quit Claim

Billy Hurst to Amanda Labo, Quit Claim

Michael Timms to Brad Rickard, Quit Claim

Kevin Rickard to Brad Rickard, Quit Claim

John Miller to Michael Miller, Cemetery

Berl Martin to Terry Swinney, Warranty

Sept. 30

Pauline Pace to Cecilia Nichols, Warranty

Leonard Lassiter to United States of America, Contract

Leonard Lassiter to United States of America, Warranty

Leonard Lassiter to United States of America, Assignment Misc

Leonard Lassiter to United States of America, Trust

Joseph Richeson to Kenneth Dobbs, Warranty

Harvetta Lassiter to United States of America, Trust

Reeves and Co Inc to JBBR Inc, Warranty

Judith Koch to Patrica Nichols, Warranty

Patrica Nichols to John Austin, Warranty

Kerry Hester to Keri Traglia, Quit Claim

Jalalh Mina-Solorio to WM Rentals LLC, Warranty