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Photos By Ciera Hughes Members of the Cowboy Church of Franklin County spend New Year’s Eve playing games and enjoying each other’s company.

Cowboy Church rings in New Year

New Year’s Eve is typically a time for people to come together and celebrate new beginnings while thinking back on the year. Members of the Cowboy Church of Franklin County assembled New Year’s Eve to do just that.

The church has been giving members a place to spend New Year’s Eve since the church began in 2013.

“My favorite part is just people being able to get together and spend time together without having to go out and get involved in party stuff,” said pastor Brian Welch. “They can go to a place where they can know that none of that is going to happen, and they can just enjoy themselves.”

Those in attendance were able to enjoy a meal together, play games and enjoy each other’s company while listening to holiday music. There was even an appearance by the church band.

“We just love getting to come together,” said member Wanda Gober. “We all love each other and are really just one big family.”