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Neutral proves key when purchasing furniture

Most homeowners have experienced the dilemma of moving to a new house and wondering what would be the best furniture to purchase and what décor will last for years to come. As spring has sprung, people also might be looking to freshen up their living spaces with a new piece or two – but be uncertain how to choose.

To help answer some of those questions, Franklin County Extension Coordinator Katernia Cole-Coffey has a selection of tips and tricks. She pointed out a few things customers might look for at Ewing Variety in Red Bay, sharing her advice for making a house a home.

“You want to make sure to find furniture that would look good in any environment,” Cole-Coffey said. “If you buy something neutral, it will match no matter what the walls are painted and can last you for years to come.”

Cole-Coffey said although bright pieces can be fun to add a pop to a room, it limits the décor.

“These bright chairs are really pretty, but if you buy them, then the rest of your décor has to revolve around them,” Cole-Coffey said.

Cole-Coffey said she recommends choosing pieces that are simple and can last through the seasons and ever-changing trends.

“If you have a headboard that is really neutral and simple, then you can come around with a bed spread and add some color or change the style depending on the season,” Cole-Coffey said. “It’s the same idea with pillows for a couch.”

Cole-Coffey said she also recommends choosing pieces that can have multiple purposes, such as extra storage in a side table or dresser drawers that can be turned into a vanity by adding a mirror on top.

“There are so many options for pieces to choose from, so it is just about finding what is right for you while thinking about what will last you for years to come,” Cole-Coffey said.