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Steve Trash is an eco-friendly comedian who entertains children while teaching them important environmental lessons.

Stop those lily pads from doubling

I’ve decided I’m going do a future episode of STEVE TRASH SCIENCE – my PBS Kids science show – on exponential growth. It’s a math concept, and it’s become obvious to me that many people don’t really understand it.

The reason amusement parks have closed, NCAA March Madness has been cancelled, Disney is shuttered, universities have closed, lots of major sports events have been mothballed and all our local schools are going virtual through the end of the school year – is exponential growth.

As far as we know, this virus – which has no cure as of yet and can range from mild to deadly – can be transmitted only person to person, and it seems to be highly contagious.

Well … so what?

Math, that’s what. Exponential growth math is what.

Imagine a pond. If lily pads – representing new virus cases – in the pond double in number every day, and it takes 24 days to fill the pond, what day would the pond be half full?

What day?

The answer is day 23.

Yeah, you don’t hardly even see the lily pads taking over the pond for 22 whole days. Even at day 18, the pond doesn’t look that covered up with lily pads.

Did you get that? On day 23, it’s only half full – plenty of time. But no – it’s doubling everyday.

That means on day 24 the pond is covered with lily pads.

The quicker you stop the lily pads from doubling, the fewer lily pads will fill the pond.

Stopping the spread is going to be very economically painful for tons of folks, myself included, but it’s smart.

So many of my excellent journeyman entertainer friends and gig economy friends – who work their butts off – as well as restaurants, hardware stores and more are really going be hurt by this.

Seriously, I believe America doesn’t understand how close all these hardworking Americans – musicians, magicians, comics and frankly all “gig” economy folks – are to the edge of the financial cliff, and this is going to be dang hard on them, but there’s NO choice.

We’ve got to stop the lily pads from doubling.

It’s math.

PS: I suggest you not get your information about this disease from social media. The best sources will be or

Hunker down. Don’t spread it. Don’t get infected. Don’t panic.

Send love and support to the front-line healthcare workers doing the work. To my mind, this is heroic work.

Let’s nip this thing and come out the other side.

This is America. When the chips are down – we come through.

Much love to you all.

Rockin’ Eco Hero Steve Trash tours the planet teaching children about their connection to nature through magic, music and comedy. He has his own PBS Kids science show called STEVE TRASH SCIENCE. He lives with his wife and dogs in Frog Pond. For more visit