Krewe de Guard plans FAME fundraiser this weekend with Santa Claus

“Santa” and “Mrs. Claus” will be riding through neighborhoods on a golf cart this weekend to bring some early holiday cheer – and help raise money for a cause.

The North Pole couple will be waving and blowing kisses to children – making sure to maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more, of course – while “Santa’s helpers” sell ice cream sandwiches to benefit FAME Girls’ Ranch.

Krewe de Guard, a local environmentally-friendly group founded by Anna Carol Porter, will sell the ice cream sandwiches – donated by the Russellville Walmart – with the help of “Fred the Elf” for $2 each. Proceeds will benefit FAME Girls’ Ranch, located between Russellville and Littleville.

“What we do at FAME,” said director Cindy Hall, “is take care of girls who cannot live with their families because of the choices of the adults in their lives.”

For the weekend’s festivities, Santa and the Krewe will visit the Twin Pines community Friday at 3 p.m. They will continue into Russellville neighborhoods and the downtown area Saturday. The fundraiser continues Sunday with a table set up in front of the Historic Roxy Theatre from 2-4 p.m.

“Due to coronavirus risks, we ask parents to be with their children and put the ice cream money in the collection bucket for them,” Porter said. “We also request they try to have exact change. If possible, please have a basket or box for us to put the ice cream in in order to keep down the risks associated with contact. We will be using tongs to dispense the ice cream sandwiches.”

In order to keep everyone safe, Porter said there will be no hugs or social contact.

The fundraiser is taking place with the support of players from the 2019 Roxy’s Christmas Spectacular. In addition to Dozier as Santa and Porter as Mrs. Claus, Avery Guinn as Fred the Elf will help spread cheer and ice cream to local children. The Book Lovers Club and other Krewe de Guard members will also be involved. Golf carts are being loaned and driven by volunteers in the community.

“This is a good way for our community to come together in order to spread joy to children during these difficult times,” Porter said, “and to help support the girls at FAME Girls’ Ranch.”