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Q&A with Bryant Hubbert, BHS senior rightfielder

Q: How old were you when you started playing baseball?

A: I started playing baseball when I was 5.

Q: Was there anyone special in your life who helped you become a great player?

A: My dad helped me by stating it was always best to keep a positive mental attitude, and I’ve just stayed optimistic throughout my sports career.

Q: How do you get ready for a game?

A: Eat a good pre-game meal and listen to music.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not involved with baseball?

A: Play basketball and hang with friends and family.

Q: What factors do you feel have influenced you the most to become the player and person you are today?

A: I don’t know for sure but one of the most important factors is optimism and always staying positive.

Q: Did you have any routines or superstitions before or in a game?

A: No.

Q: What is your favorite baseball memory?

A: Getting an insidethepark home run off a bunt in Little League.

Q: What baseball player has influenced you most in the game? Why?

A: Bryce Harper because he was one of the first baseball players I ever watched.

Q: What is life after being a baseball player for you?

A: Probably play basketball at college or become a forensic scientist.

Q: What are your thoughts on your season and career coming to an abrupt end?

A: I think it’s dumb and the coronavirus needs to go away.