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Northwest-Shoals honors 102 in drive-through pinning ceremony

Pinning ceremonies are always a special occasion at Northwest-Shoals Community College, but this year was a first for NW-SCC, as the school held a drive-through pinning for nursing students.

The drive-through pinning took place Friday at the Shoals campus, honoring 102 nursing graduates from the Shoals and Phil Campbell campus.

“We have known for a while how noble of a profession nursing is, but during this time, we have been able to see just how noble of a profession it is,” said NW-SCC President Glenda Colagross. “You have been the heroes at this time, and we are so proud of you.”

Colagross said she wants all graduates to know NW-SCC is proud to have had a small part in shaping these nurses and knows they will do amazing things in their careers.

Nursing graduates and their family formed a line of cars as representatives of NW-SCC called their names. As their names were called, students exited their cars and came forward for their pinning.

Families cheered from the parking lots, and graduates decorated their cars to celebrate their achievement in entering the nursing profession.

The Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony is a symbolic tradition to welcome new nursing graduates to the field.

Colagross said she hopes all students will be proud of their accomplishments and make NW-SCC proud as they continue their future endeavors.