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Club Chronicles: GFWC Book Lovers Study Club receives awards

Because of the COVID-19 quarantine mandate, the GFWC Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs cancelled its 125th Anniversary Convention.

It was scheduled to be held on the exact date at the exact location the first AFWC Convention was held 125 years ago in Birmingham. This convention was to be a significant celebration of 125 years of work by Alabama club women, past and present.

The convention might have been cancelled, but it did not stop AFWC President Christine Steele from presenting awards to the state winners.

Russellville’s GFWC Book Lovers Study Club President Patricia Cox received by mail the awards that Book Lovers earned for their programs and projects for the 2019-2020 year in Membership Category C.

These state awards were: first place for Excellence in the Arts Community Service Project; Conservation CSP; Education CSP; Home Life CSP; International Outreach CSP; Communications and Public Relations; Membership; Women’s History and Resource; and the Creativity Award for Excellence in GFWC Education CSP.

The club also received recognition for participation in the GFWC Alabama President’s Project; GFWC Alabama 2728; GFWC Alabama General Scholarship Fund; Clubs That Maintained Their Membership; and AFWC President’s Award of Excellence.

The Book Lovers Study Club received the distinguished GFWC Alabama Suellen Brazil Outstanding Club Award for the state.  A plaque listing the award winners through the years is displayed in the AFWC Headquarters in Birmingham.

This year Book Lovers Study Club completed 72 projects and 6,675 volunteer hours and donated $4,105.06 and $6,142 of in-kind donations.

Cox said, “These accomplishments reflect the time commitment and hard work of each and every member of Book Lovers.”

The most recent donations Book Lovers made were: $300 scholarship to a Russellville High School senior with the third-highest GPA; $100 to Krewe de Guard for the FAME Girls’ Ranch; $25 to the Russellville Public Library in honor of speakers who presented programs; $50 for domestic violence awareness to Safeplace; and $200 to a breast cancer patient.

Our officer installation ceremony is tentatively planned for August, and the first official meeting of the 2020-2021 calendar year will be Sept. 10.