Red Bay offers outdoor concert

People will have a chance to get outside and enjoy music and fellowship June 27 when the gospel group ReSound takes the stage at Heritage Park in downtown Red Bay.

The event will be free to attend, with everything beginning at 7 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend and bring their lawn chairs.

“Music is just good for the soul, so we love any chance we have to have music in Red Bay,” said Red Bay Mayor Charlene Fancher.

The members of ReSound are all from the town of Red Bay and members at Red Bay Freewill Baptist Church. ReSound member Colton Corum said the group always enjoys the chance to play in Red Bay and is grateful to live in a town where they are accepted.

“I’m just glad we have a mayor in a town that loves and supports local gospel music,” Corum said.

Corum said the group always enjoys playing, but music is even more necessary now, with the current circumstances.

“With everything that is going on in the world right now, with the virus and the riots, the thing that everyone needs more than anything is Jesus,” Corum said.

Fancher said she knows some people might think it is too soon to have a concert in the park with the pandemic, but she believes it will be beneficial to the citizens of Red Bay.

“The concert is outside, and everyone will be able to social distance,” Fancher said. “I just think everyone has been in their houses for so long that it will be good to give everyone a chance to come outside and listen to music. I think everyone needs something right now to lift their spirits.”

Fancher said the group ReSound reached out to her and asked about playing in the park, and she was happy to oblige.

“They are a new group on the uprising, and they are local, so they have played here several times,” Fancher said.

Corum said the group is currently recording its first album and will perform a few of their new songs at the concert, in addition to covers.

Fancher said there is always a good-sized crowd that comes out to hear music in the park in Red Bay, and she expects this concert will be no different.

“I am looking forward to seeing everyone,” Fancher said. “There are so many people I haven’t seen in so long, with everything that is going on. I know it is going to be a great time.”