Vina High athletic programs balance health, basketball

Vina athletic programs are back on campus and working out this summer – and, like other schools, they are trying to balance normal skill development along with new, and sometimes inconvenient, health protocols.

“We go through a list of the AHSAA health precautions for practice,” said girls basketball coach Richie Hester.  “Each player has their temperature checked and recorded when they arrive to make sure they can participate. Each player has their own mask, water bottle and basketball. We clean the basketballs before and after practice. Social distance is maintained as much as possible.”

Basketball is a sport that would seem easy to practice with social distance, depending on the number of players coming to workouts.

“We use all six goals,” said Hester. “We have anywhere from nine to 11 players here each day. So, we can put one or two at each goal. We are able to spread out and do our ball handling drills. So, it really hasn’t been a problem once the girls and myself got used to the new guidelines.”

Hester said he has been pleased with the turnout for workouts.

“The attitude has been great,” said Hester. “Everybody is just bored to death from being in the house and not being able to do anything. I think they are all glad to be back together, working and getting better.”