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June 2020 Land Transactions

June 2

Tina Murray to Sammy McClusky, Quit Claim

Danny Bumpus to Byron Smith, Survivorship

Lawanda Hester to Jack Etzler, Warranty

Golden Tiger Properties to Anthony McKee, Warranty

Danny Emerson to Dorothy Stidham, Survivorship

Audrey Watts to Mary Sant, Power of Attorney

Elizabeth Walker to Tadeo Ceballos, Quit Claim

Elizabeth Walker to George Mathews, Quit Claim

Jane Wray to Aaron Hollingworth, Warranty

June 3

Daris Wells to Chris Wright, Survivorship

Alexandra Vall to Robert Vall, Quit Claim

Hayden Evans to Barry Rhea, Warranty

Sarah Mayfield to Chase Swinney, Warranty

William Peacock to Juan Garcia, Survivorship

Glen Demastus to Mary Stamps, Warranty

Patsy Pennington to Jose Rosa, Warranty

June 4

Larry Mitchell to Larry Mitchell, Warranty

Larry Mitchell to Wendy Mitchell, Warranty

Chad Nichols to Taylor Weclowski, Warranty

Fredia Rice to Bonnie Gober, Warranty

Gwendlyon Hovater to Jason Parker, Warranty

Ab Hall to Jason Parker, Warranty

Deborah Hilburn to Jason Parker, Warranty

June 5

Therisa Hayse to Mary Hayse, Quit Claim

Chris Copper to Sheree Canida, Warranty

David Cochran to David Cochran, Warranty

Connie Boyington to David Cochran, Survivorship

Charles Richardson to Amy Suddith, Warranty

Donald Loetz to Cynthia Finley, Warranty

Jason. Miller to Gregory Parrish, Warranty

Ellen Malone to Sylvia Aziz, Warranty

Donny Baker to Phillip Garrison, Survivorship

Brenda Baker to Phillip Garrison, Warranty

June 8

Charles Richardson to Any Suddith, Warranty

Donald Loetz to Cynthia Finley, Warranty

Jason Miller to Gregory Parrish, Warranty

Ellen Malone to Sylvia Aziz, Warranty

Donny Baker to Phillip Garrison, Survivorship

Brenda Baker to Phillip Garrison, Warranty

June 9

Brad James to Phillip Gray, Clerk’s

Wilbur Henderson to Donnie Nichols, Survivorship

Rodney Allen to Feliz Mojica, Survivorship

Darren Bobo to Wilmer Garcia, Survivorship

Eddie Beason to Betty Robinson, Affidavit

James Baker to Phillip Garrison, Warranty

Martha Hubbard to April Hubbard, Power of Attorney

Lindsey Smith to Lindsey Smith, Affidavit

Chris Wright to Community Spirit Bank, Warranty

June 10

Steve Hester to GKLG Properties, Right of Way

Barry Montgomery to Pedro Ramos, Survivorship

Harry Pounders to Town of Phil Campbell, Warranty

Chastidy Johnson to James Porter, Quit Claim

Savannah Warren to Bobby Warren, Quit Claim

June 11

Sandra Shewbart to Robert Jones, Personal Representative

Sandra Shewbart to Meribeth Beaver, Personal Representative

Stephen Hall to Milton Hatton, Survivorship

Roberto Sanchez to Christobal Gonan, Warranty

Ivan Hernandez to Jose Michel, Warranty

June 12

Joyce Cartee to Alice Garrison, Warranty

Frankie Vandiver to Burell Vandiver, Warranty

Gregory Parrish to Jesus Pineda Warranty

June 16

Steven Swinney to Jennifer Swinney, Sale Contract

John Starkey to Carolyn Sledge, Warranty

Rachel Mccarter to Jonathan Arnold, Warranty

Howard Lewis to Heather Willis, Warranty

Glenn Hargett to Glenn Hargett, Warranty

Carol Hall to Jeremy Hall, Warranty

Carol Hall to Carol Hall, Warranty

Carol Hall to Joshua Hall, Warranty

Carol Hall to Eileen Baggett, Warranty

June 17

Debra Alexander to Bailey Thompson, Warranty

Robert Clemmons to Leslie Slater, Warranty

June 18

Greg Bowling to Nancy Bowling, Warranty

Doris Camp to Jeannine Weaver, Warranty

Doris Camp to Sherry Thrasher, Warranty

Doris Camp to Michael Camp, Warranty

Russell Kimbrough to Carmeline Juan, Warranty

Stefan Sparks to Adam Tyler, Warranty

June 19

Roy Strickland to Delaine Strickland, Power of Attorney

Gary Mann to Gary Mann, Survivorship

Sheree Canida to Chris Cooper, Corrective

Jose Palma to Jose Palma, Quit Claim

Terry Rogers to Trent Rogers, Warranty

June 22

Robert Emerson to Joyce Emerson, Power of Attorney

Robert Whitten to Jessica Smith. Warranty

Curtis Baker to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Rock Bridge Lodge LLC to Alabama Power Company, Easement

David Baldwin to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Timothy Ozbirn to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Ernest Pratt to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Lorie Pennington to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Seth Brown to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Jason Murray to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Robert Pannell to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Chris Mayfield to Alabama Power Company, Easement

William Hammond to Alabama Power Company, Easement

James Plaxco to Michael Plaxco, Quit Claim

James Plaxco to Jose Sanchez, Sale Contract

Daris Wells to Dustin Pate, Survivorship

June 23

Karen McCullough to Patrick Saint, Warranty

June 24

G. Lane Inc to Joe Lane, Warranty

June 25

Earvin Frost to Jo Ergle, Executor’s

James King to James King, Warranty

Nickie Howard to Lisa Keller, Quit Claim

Barbara Jordan to Adrian Avelino, Warranty

Lance Seay to Peggy Brown, Warranty

Donald Borden to Barbara Murphy, Survivorship

Walter Campbell to Two Lakes land, Warranty

Michelle Maddox to Rita Harris, Affidavit

June 26

Robert Orr to Robert Orr, Survivorship

Lurla Johnson to Lurla Johnson, Survivorship

June 29

Billy Pierce to Paige Cooper, Warranty

Cynthia Finley to Donavan Finley, Warranty

Mauveline Roberts to Shirley Chittom, Power of Attorney

Ronald Mcculloch to Freddy Escobar, Survivorship

June 30

James Vandiver to Stanley Vandiver, Power of Attorney

Robbie Tidwell to Dillan Hamby, Survivorship

Tabatha Smith to Donald Wray, Sale

Bingham Real Estate to Ty Snider, Release

Bingham Real Estate to Pete Raper, Survivorship

Dicky Tedford to Emily Humphries, Warrant

Franklin County

Fall brings Pumpkin Palooza, NW-SCC trunk-or-treat event

Franklin County

Hodges festival promises food, fun, fireworks

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2008, Paige Palmer Thorne

Franklin County

Commission passes budget, shows support for two state amendments


PHOTOS: Russellville Homecoming Court

Franklin County

PHOTOS: Tharptown Homecoming Court

Franklin County

NW-SCC public relations wins seven statewide awards

Franklin County

Phil Campbell City Council fills vacant seat


Taste of Franklin: Flavors of fall


Red Bay celebrates Founders Day with plenty of entertainment for all

Franklin County

FCS bus driver faces arrest, termination

Franklin County

County seeks responses to broadband survey

Franklin County

NW-SCC reports highest fall enrollment since 2010 


View from Crescent Moon Acres: How one New Jersey woman found her dream life in Phil Campbell

Franklin County

Franklin County 4-H rabbit project participants bring home awards


ADEM approves $348M for water, sewer projects

Franklin County

Extension warns: Harvest time means taking extra safety precautions


City approves line-of-credit bid from VSB for equipment purchases


Russellville Electric Board elects officers


RHS Marching Hundred hosts Northwest Alabama Classic


RCS BOE approves budget for FY-2023

Franklin County

FCS BOE passes budget


Red Bay plans annual Founders Day festival Sept. 24


Distinguished Through the Decades: 2007, Lydia Hammock Freeman