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Cities prepare for municipal elections

The familiar faces that currently sit on the city council might be changing soon, as the time is nearing for the elections for mayor and city council.

Russellville, Red Bay, Phil Campbell, Vina and Hodges will all have elections for city council and mayor Aug. 25, with any run-off elections set for Oct. 6.

“We are hard at work preparing for elections,” said Russellville city clerk Belinda Miller. “We always have a large turnout for elections.”

There are no age requirements to run for office; a person running for election must be a registered voter in the municipality at least 90 days prior to election.

Qualifying for elections began July 7 at 8 a.m. and will continue until 5 p.m. July 21. Candidates will have until this time to go by city hall, fill out a form declaring candidacy and pay a small fee to have their name on the ballot.

Red Bay city clerk Linda Holcomb said the city is posting a notice of the upcoming elections at city hall, the water and gas office and city library so everyone has an appropriate amount of time beforehand to campaign for the upcoming elections.

Anyone who has lived in the city limits for at least 30 days and is registered to vote in the county precinct will be eligible to vote in the elections.

There are five city council positions for Russellville, Red Bay, Hodges and Phil Campbell and six city council positions for Vina.

As of July 14, listed below are the candidates who have qualified for the upcoming elections.


  • Mayor – Brian Scott and Jeremy McCraw

Phil Campbell

  • Mayor: Jim Bonner, Victor Hawkins and Mike McQuary
  • Council Place One: Barry King
  • Council Place Two: Jeremy Kastberg
  • Council Place Three: Eddie Marbutt
  • Council Place Four: Lynn Landers and Derrick Herron
  • Council Place Five: Phillip King

Red Bay

  • Mayor: Charlene Fancher, Johnny Adams and Juston Scott
  • Council Place One: Mike Kennedy
  • Council Place Two: Jarod Massey
  • Council Place Three: Herbert Trulove
  • Council Place Four: Jason Vinson
  • Council Place Five: Brad M. Bolton


  • Mayor: David Grissom
  • Council Place One: Terry Bolton
  • Council Place Two: Darren Woodruff and William Nale
  • Council Place Three: Gary Cummings
  • Council Place Four: Dexter Hamilton
  • Council Place Five: Hillary Hall and Jamie Harris


  • Mayor: Marshall Rogers, Brenda Turbyfill
  • Council Place One: Renea Chandler
  • Council Place Two: Jeff McCallister
  • Council Place Three: Luke Childers
  • Council Place Four: Deana Vallejo and Wanda Hacker
  • Council Place Five: Denita Cantrell