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This summer, rediscover all Franklin County has to offer

These days it sometimes feels like you can’t do anything – at least not without wearing a mask and bathing in hand sanitizer before and after.

On the other hand, maybe if we take some time to look around and rediscover the possibilities, there’s more to enjoy than meets the eye – even with social distancing in place.

When was the last time you took a boat out for a little pleasure cruise on the Bear Creek Lakes? How about grabbing a fishing pole and heading out for an afternoon of trying to hook a big one at Sloss Lake or City Lake parks?

Have you ever tried rolling out your yoga mat in the middle of a field and gazing into a cloud-filled sky as you tried to perfect tree pose?

Even if typical restaurant dining feels a little perilous right now, have you treated yourself to take out recently from Frosty Inn or Mason Jar on Main? When was the last time you grabbed a sack of your favorite fast food and just took a drive through the countryside, letting peace settle into your spirit as you took in the sights of pastures, barns, herds of cattle and wood-lined byways?

It’s still possible to get a drive-through milkshake and take a stroll down main street in the twilight evening.

It’s still possible to crank up the stereo – or, you know, the Alexa – for a backyard dance party.

We can stay 6 feet apart at the drive-in theatre or amongst the beauty of Dismals Canyon. We can even stay 6 feet apart doing a little local shopping, if retail therapy is starting to feel like a good idea.

The bottom line is, all is not lost. Even during a pandemic, even taking strict precautions, let’s remember to enjoy this summer and take advantage of all the amazing things our county has to offer.