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Local performing songwriter releases first album

After 20 years in the music business as a songwriter, Russellville’s Will Stults releasing his first album, “Hearts Get Heard.”

The album is in the country genre and will be available Aug. 21 on all digital media platforms.

“I guess working for so long as a songwriter, releasing my own album just seemed like the next thing to do,” Stults said. “Everything just seemed to all come together, so it felt like the right time.”

Stults said the album feels like a time capsule of his feelings – something that will always be there for him to remember his life at this point.

“I think this is the first thing I ever did where I don’t think I would want anything different,” Stults said of the album and his time put into it.

Songwriting mentor Jim Parker said it warms his heart to see Stults release his first album after watching him nurture his talent for so many years.

“He really has gone from zero to 100,” Parker said. “It is amazing, the talent that boy has.”

Parker said when he first met Stults, he could see the raw talent and worked to improve his skills on the guitar and fine tune his song writing. “He really just went from there, and now he is teaching me,” Parker said.

Stults said although he has been writing songs for 20 years, the majority of the songs on this album were written this year.

Stults released one single from the album, “Dying Ain’t Nothing,” a couple weeks ago and said he has loved hearing feedback from people.

“Honestly, I want my music to be what resonates with people,” Stults said. “I guess this is kind of my way of leaving something behind.”

Stults said he is excited for everyone to hear the album and hopes at least one person will be touched by the music he wrote.

“I make music to help people, so I just hope to be able to reach some people through this album,” Stults said. “That would be enough for me.”