Tourist Association honors Scotty Kennedy for work at Red Bay Museum

When Scotty Kennedy first proposed the idea for a museum in Red Bay, he had no idea the museum would grow into what it is now.

For his work with the Red Bay Museum, Kennedy has been awarded the Lasting Impression Award from the North Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association.

“I do what I do because I love it, so being recognized is just icing on the cake,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said he originally proposed the idea of the museum in the ’90s after realizing there were several items in Red Bay associated with the town’s history.

“I thought it would be good to have somewhere to keep it all, but I never imagined we would have as much as we did,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said when he originally bought the two-story building for the museum, he worried there would not be enough memorabilia to fill it.

“I originally considered just renting a small apartment to house everything,” Kennedy said. “Before long we had people donating more stuff to the museum, and we grew to what you see today.”

Kennedy said although he is honored to receive an award from the North Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association, he is even more honored to see the museum recognized for the tourism it brings to Red Bay.

“Scotty Kennedy has made a Lasting Impression on the City of Red Bay, Franklin County, and North Alabama Tourism because of his extensive volunteer work as curator of the Red Bay Museum,” said Visit North Alabama President Tammy Reist. “He hunts high and low, literally searching attics and basements, looking for treasures for the museum. Scotty is gifted with the ability to bring memorabilia to life, placing each piece strategically in its own spotlight.

“Scotty is truly passionate and talented with the preservation and curation of Red Bay’s history,” Reist added. “When visiting Red Bay Museum, you will be given the royal treatment as Scotty captivates you with his wealth of knowledge and zest for all things Red Bay. Scotty has truly made a lasting impression on tourism in 2019 and for decades to come.”