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RHS’ Kailee Simpson signs to play at Calhoun

Russellville senior Kailee Simpson said she has known for a long time that she wanted to continue playing softball after high school and worked year-round to make her dreams come true.

Wednesday, Simpson got one step closer to becoming a collegiate athlete as she signed her letter of intent to continue playing at Calhoun Community College.

“There has been a lot I’ve had to go through to get here,” Simpson said. “When you meet with so many different colleges, there are some that don’t think you’re good enough or that you’re not the right fit for them, and it can be pretty discouraging. You just have to keep pushing yourself, and you will get to that level. It is all just about competing with yourself to make yourself better.”

Simpson said she looked at a few different options but knew Calhoun was the right fit for her after visiting the campus.

“Once I went there, I just fell in love with it and knew it was right for me,” Simpson said.

Russellville head coach Josh Graham said he was not surprised to see Simpson have the opportunity to continue her career collegiately after watching her determination as a player.

“She always loves to compete,” Graham said. “She has so much work ethic. She is constantly working to improve herself, whether that is taking pitching lessons or playing travel ball.”

Graham said he can always count on Simpson to work hard in practice and work outside of practice to continue to improve.

“I think with as much drive as she has, she is going to be successful,” Graham said. “I know she is going to do great things at Calhoun.”

Simpson will finish her final season at Russellville this spring before joining Calhoun in the 2021-22 season. Simpson will join fellow RHS graduates Alivia Clemmons, Krista Sikes and Madison Murray.