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FCCTC projects teach real-life scenarios

Each year students at the Franklin County Career Technical Center take on various projects to master their trades, and this year is no different. The FCCTC is especially drawing interest in a project created by several building construction students.

FCCTC Principal Jonathan King said students do projects like this all the time, and the projects are available for purchase to anyone interested in supporting the program.

“They love getting to spend time in the shop, probably more than they do in the classroom,” King said. “That’s where most of them would rather be.”

FCCTC students have created unique folding tables as their most recent project. The folding tables, which are around the size of a dinner tray, are available for $25 unfinished or $35 finished.

Teacher Todd Johnson said each semester the students work on a carpentry project. This particular idea came from a student wanting a table he could take home on the bus.

“After researching a few ideas, we purchased a print, and he started the project,” Johnson said. “Like so many of our projects, once one student starts something, others want to build it too.”

Johnson said about six students worked on building these tables. After the tables were completed, pictures were posted to the FCCTC Facebook page for anyone interested in buying them.

Johnson said it is great to see community members support FCCTC students and their work, whether that is through purchasing something they creating or praising their efforts.

King said this is also a great opportunity for students to learn about cabinet making and how they can use their skills in the future.

Johnson said the class will be happy to fill any orders of anyone wishing to purchase any class projects but does warn that since this is a training program, it will take time, since time must be balanced between the classroom and shop.

For more information on supporting FCCTC, find the Franklin County Career Technical Center on Facebook.