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Frog Pond resident Steve Trash opens Alabama Academy of Magic 

Residents in Alabama will now have the chance to learn magic tricks – along with critical life skills and positive character development – thanks to the work of Frog Pond resident Steve Trash. 

Trash, world-traveling “Rockin’ Eco Hero” magician, will be working with teachers in various after-school programs through the Alabama Academy of Magic and the Discover Magic curriculum to share his love of the art. 

“It is exciting to think that I get to use the magic of magic to help kids and teach them about other things in life,” Trash said. 

Trash said he became involved with the program after being asked by a friend about magic lessons and whether he was familiar with the Discover Magic curriculum. 

Once Trash looked into the Discover Magic curriculum, he said he was impressed by how the program emphasized the character development children receive through learning magic. 

“If we are able to get the children to be excited about these magic tricks, we open the door to teaching them the real magic of being a magician,” Trash said. 

Trash said through learning and performing magic, children develop a sense of empathy, creativity and learn communication skills. 

In addition to developing skills to help them better communicate, learning magic can also improve a child’s sense of self. 

“Magic is something that – I can learn a trick, but the enjoyment is in bringing it to others,” Trash said. “Once a kid performs that first magic trick in front of someone and sees their reaction, it really does something to their self-confidence.” 

The Discover Magic curriculum has been licensed by Trash for the entire state of Alabama – a first for the program. He said his goal is to get teachers in various after-school programs, such as 21st Century Learning and 4-H, involved with the program. 

The curriculum is a set of four courses, with eight lessons in each. Each child participating receives a kit with everything they need for the course. 

Each lesson lasts 60 minutes and is divided into a warm-up, learning the trick, practice time and a different mission the children receive to do at home. 

Trash said in addition to focusing on the positive character aspects of a magician, the magic students learn is top-of-the-line. 

Some examples of tricks the students learn include making a pair of shoe strings pass through someone’s hand, making a selected card’s picture magically appear and even predicting which coin a volunteer will choose. 

“It’s shocking, amazing and fun,” Trash said. “They get it right each and every time.  

“And there’s so much more premium quality magic that kids learn through the Discover Magic curriculum,” Trash added. “All of it is amazing. The kids really love it.”  

Trash said he is working with several program across Franklin County to start bringing the Discover Magic curriculum to local children.