Colt & Amber Hardin — May 2, 2020


Colt and Amber met in 2012 while in high school. Colt was a senior, and Amber was a sophomore. On the first day of school Colt and Amber walked into the same accounting class. They sat close by one another and started talking every day. Amber knew instantly that Colt was someone she wanted to get to know better.

THE FIRST DATE: Colt and his friends rode four-wheelers on the weekends for fun, so Colt had asked Amber to come riding one evening. After the friend group rode four-wheelers, they all went back to Colt’s house to eat and hang out. Amber received a text from her best friend saying she was headed to the hospital because they believed her kidney was shutting down, and Colt did not hesitate to jump in the car and drive Amber an hour away to the hospital so she could be with her best friend. Colt then sat at the hospital for hours with Amber until they knew Amber’s best friend was going to be alright.

THE PROPOSAL: At the time of the proposal Colt and Amber had been dating for seven years. Colt decided to plan a midday date in Florence – or so Amber thought. Colt had some family who camping at a local campground and told Amber they had to go pick something up for his mother at his family’s campsite before heading to Florence. When Colt and Amber arrived at the campground, his aunt said someone had decorated the bridge by the water and wanted to show them. When they arrived at the bridge, it was covered in yellow – Amber’s favorite color – rose petals. When Amber turned around, there was Colt, down on one knee.

THE WEDDING: New Union Missionary Baptist Church

The church was filled with Colt and Amber’s closest family and friends – 6 feet apart, of course. The pews were lined with eucalyptus leaves, white peonies and ribbon. The aisle had pink and white flower petals leading to the front of the church. At the front of the church was a flower-filled arch with Colt standing there awaiting his bride. At 4:30 p.m. on sunny Saturday afternoon, Colt and Amber became husband and wife, and the rest is history.

FAVORITE MOMENT: Colt and Amber’s favorite wedding moment would have to be when Amber went to toss her bouquet. She pretended to toss it, then she turned around and handed it to her best friend. Amber turned her friend around, and there was her boyfriend on one knee, and he asked her to be his wife. This was so special to Amber and Colt because it was both of their best friends.

THEIR LOVE: What Amber loves most about Colt is how caring and compassionate he is. Colt is the ideal family man; when it comes to the people he loves, he loves with his whole heart, and it shows by his actions. What Colt loves most about Amber is how caring she is toward the couple’s families. Colt also loves how hardworking and independent she is and how she always makes him feel loved and cared for.

FINAL WORD: Colt and Amber had several people discouraging them against getting married in the middle of a pandemic. They went back and forth on changing the date, eloping or other options. After many thoughts and prayers, they both knew nothing was going to stop them from becoming husband and wife that day. Colt and Amber can say 100 percent they have no regrets, and it was the best day ever!


  • Venue: New Union Missionary Baptist Church
  • Catering: Swamp Johns in Red Bay
  • Wedding planners: Sarah Hardin and Freda Massey
  • Florist: Southern Elegance Florist, Caldwell’s Sola Décor and Jody Humphres
  • Cake: Jessica Petree
  • Photographer: Mandi Nunley Photography
  • Invitations: Vista Print
  • Wedding dress: Cherry Tree Lane
  • Bridesmaid dresses: Amazon
  • Hair and make-up: Bethany Mansell
  • Men’s attire: BayTree Gift Company
  • Music: Jarod Massey
  • Favors and gifts: Local boutiques in Red Bay