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January 2021 Land Transactions

Jan. 4

Harold Fike to ML Docks 1, Warranty

Sandra Jackson to Bobby Jackson, Power of Attorney

John Golbert to Sandra Jackson, Warranty

Barbara Fike to Ricky James, Survivorship

Teresa Weatherly to Teresa Weatherly, Executor’s

Marilyn Mayfield to Marilyn Mayfield, Warranty

Jan. 5

Victor Gomez to Genaro Gomez, Survivorship

Robert Holden to Robert Holden, Survivorship

Wesley Romans to William Austin, Quit Claim

Jan. 6

James Edmond to Kevin Edmond, Warranty

Ida Elliott to Tammy Medley, Warranty

Jan. 7

Charlene Gladney to City of Russellville, Personal Representative

Ashley Robinson to Amanda McGrath, Quit Claim

Jeffery Stockton to Jeffrey Stockton, Affidavit

Maria Manuel to Javier Andres, Warranty

Jan. 8

Robert Elliott to Amber Welborn, Survivorship

Charlotte Williams to Thomas Williams, Power of Attorney

Saundra Gibson to Brian Krause, Warranty

Charles Gibson to Saundra Gibson, Affidavit

Janet Smith to Delia Rojas, Warranty

Hershel Oliver to Raymond Hart, Survivorship

Glen Tittle to Timothy McDaniel, Survivorship

Otis Hawkins to Curtis Hawkins, Executor’s

Jimmy Allen to Andres Miguel, Warranty

Ricky James to Ricky James, Survivorship

Jody Farris to DLT Investments, Warranty

Aramis Mejia to Elmer Hovater, Sale

Harvey Mason to Denise Presley, Warranty

Jan. 11

Marie Cole to Kim Wallace, Warranty

Harold Riggs to John Aycock, Survivorship

Jan. 12

Torey Boyd to Alan Boyd, Warranty

Stanley Riley to Joe Hutchins, Foreclosure

Elois Crowder to Terry Crowder, Power of Attorney

Jan. 13

Callie Hamby to Kyle Posey, Warranty

Keith Jones to Michael Jones, Quit Claim

Dale Moore to Loretta Sikes, Power of Attorney

Eddie Beason to Charlene Fancher, Affidavit

Jan. 14

Tim Bishop to Bryan Rogers, Survivorship

Eddie Beason to Burgreen Materials, Affidavit

Floyd Newell to Alex Vargas, Corrective

The Industrial Development to William Foster, Warranty

Janette Britnell to timothy Bishop, Affidavit

Norris Duncan to Timothy Bishop, Affidavit

Harry Montgomery to Linda Cain, Affidavit

Jan. 15

Donnie Jackson to Derek Jackson, Warranty

Ducharme Reynolds to Ducharme Reynolds, Quit Claim

T&P Family Properties to Christopher Askew, Warranty

Curtis Isom to Curtis M. Isom Living, Warranty

Jaime Valdez to Victor Sanchez, Warranty

Jan. 19

Nicholas Cole to Crystal Hagen, Warranty

Dennis Seals to Tony Hill, Survivorship

Dorothy Bishop to Miguel Diaz, Warranty

Christopher Bailey to Regions Bank, Foreclosure

Carlos Campos to Jorge Carrillo, Survivorship

Craig Grissom to Brandon Gandy, Warranty

The Secretary of Veterans to Beatriz Seijias, Warranty

Myra Glover to James Williams, Warranty

Thomas McDowell to Wanda Welch, Warranty

Joel Page to Jodi Nethery, Warranty

Joe Tucker to Andrea Scott, Sale

Jan. 20

Teddy Morgan to Larry Thomas, Survivorship

Jaime Vargas to Danelia Romero, Sale

Danelia Romero to Danelia Romero, Warranty

Michael Hutto to Evelyn Scott, Warranty

Huddle House to Limestone Huddle, Statutory

Jerry Collum to Jeremy Collum, Warranty

Jan. 21

Donna Berryhill to Doyal Tittle, Executor’s

Jan. 22

Old Town Cemetery to Mary Ozbrin, Cemetery

Charles Willis to David Ward, Warranty

Mar-Jac Poultry to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Jared Nix to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Charles Taylor to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Greg Robinson to Maria Tomas, Warranty

James Welborn to Lineco Inc, Warranty

Nehemias Campos to Matilde Juarez, Warranty

Jan. 25

Myra Rogers to Mark Stockton, Survivorship

Leo Humphries to David Humphries, Affidavit

David Childers to John Ayers, Warranty

Myrtal Wright to Justin Moss, Warranty

Velois Jackson to Junior Jackson, Warranty

Judy Jackson to Jennifer Ables, Warranty

Jan. 26

Leigh Duncan to Warren James, Affidavit

Cityswitch to Cingular Wireless, Memorandum

Sue Bendall to Jay Bendall, Warranty

Maria Mendoza to Adrian Mendoza, Warranty

Jan. 27

Martha Herston to Jonathan Herston, Warranty

Terry Devaney to Gary Devaney, Corrective

K&T Properties to Thomas White, Warranty

The Secretary of Housing to April Brown, Warranty

Bobby Lewis to Don Walker, Survivorship

Chris Wright to Steve Bostick, Survivorship

Eric Glasgow to Kimberly Geierman, Survivorship

Misty Seal to Raymond Brown, Survivorship

Marion Imports to Doyal Tittle, Warranty

Jan. 28

Rita Crumpton to Kevin Crumpton, Warranty

Bobby Wise to Mac Properties, Warranty

Bonnie Gober to Gregory Gober, Corrective

Page Housing to Phillip Barksdale, Survivorship

Greenleaf to Charles Magers, Survivorship

Habitat for Humanity to Jason Swinney, Warranty

Lorene Parker to Kellie McBrayer, Power of Attorney

Mary Hudson to Raymond Hudson, Warranty

Jan. 29

John Oliver to Mortgage Electronic, Assignment

James Hagood to Tomas Solano, Warranty 

Faye Poe to Joshua Poe, Warranty

Susie Baker to Thomas Baker, Executors 

Alisha Posey to Ronnie Bradley, Warranty

Gralien Weeks to Billie Hargett, Survivorship

Debra Scott to Garrett Butler, Warranty

Vickie Hunter to Jeffrey Masterson, Executors 

Franklin County

CDC authorizes COVID-19 vaccine for children


Russellville celebrates freedom at Jam on Sloss Lake Monday


RFD responds to downtown structure fire

Franklin County

Franklin County 4-H announces horse club, summer day camps

Franklin County

Sweet T’s Meat & Greet celebrates grand opening

Franklin County

Bank Independent launches School Share

Franklin County

First Metro Bank reaches nearly 2,000 local students through financial literacy efforts

Franklin County

County votes in primary runoff


Kids, Kin program, Girl Scouts present information at RPL

Franklin County

FC Rescue Squad president faces arrest for theft

Franklin County

Summer P-EBT benefits go to families of eligible school children


Red Bay City Council approves water, gas board resolution


Red Bay Council discusses regulating vicious animals

Franklin County

Furr Fest fundraiser sees success

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2001, Kathryn (Keeton) Nix


Phil Campbell festival unites friends for food, fun, music


BTCPA gears up to perform ‘Leading Ladies,’ final play of season


Phil Campbell Police Department adds new vehicle to its fleet


Face-painting fun, crafts, treats delight at RPL


PC prepares to enforce noise, impoundment ordinances

Franklin County

Blue Springs VFD holds Furr Fest fundraiser

Franklin County

Russellville promotes race amity June 12

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2000, Lindsay (Gerstman) Almond


PC Title Loan opens