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Extension promotes marching to grocery store with luck on your side

With the ever-popular St. Patrick’s falling right in the middle, March is the month of luck. Whether they’re wearing green, carrying a rabbit’s foot or hanging a horseshoe, many people feel March is a month when luck is on their side.

To capitalize on that lucky feeling, the Alabama Cooperative Extension is encouraging people tap into it for a successful grocery trip.

How can luck follow shoppers to the grocery store? The answer is in the timing.

Timing is everything. With March marking the end of winter and start of spring, it’s the ideal time to buy in bulk, capitalizing on winter sales and spring deals.

When stocking the shelves, retailers love a good theme, and March is packed with foodrelated spotlights.

According to the Extension, the entire month of March is frozen food month. This is the time to stock up, as deals will be happening all month long. Stock up on those frozen fruits and veggies that are hard to come by in the winter months – from peas, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables to strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and cherries.

March is also the time, according to the Extension, when grocers mark prices down and offer great deals to celebrate. National Peanut Day and National Fruit Compote Day both fall in March. March 14 brings deals on pie to celebrate the mathematical constant 3.14 and also marks National Potato Chip Day. March 23 is National Chip and Dip Day.

Its not just all the food spotlights in March where the luck is found; March also offers opportunities to shop the season.

When buying fresh fruits and vegetables, the best deals are found on the fruits and vegetables that are in season. In March, the Extension recommends choosing grapes, bananas, pineapples, artichokes, leeks, celery, cauliflower, beets and Brussels sprouts – as well as so many more in-season produce items.

March 17 might be lucky St. Patricks Day, but luck in the grocery store can be found the entire month.

With all that March has to offer, walk into the grocery store knowing you have luck and smart shopping tips on your side. Remember to buy in bulk, look for those seasonal fruits and vegetables and don’t forget all the food spotlights March has to offer.