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Club Chronicles: Book Lovers resume in-person club meetings

The GFWC Book Lovers Study Club joined other clubs in conducting person-to-person meetings in March. The meeting was held at Russellville First Baptist Church, with Cindy Bailey and Nina McNatt serving as hostesses.

Anna Carol Porter presented the program, “Empowering Women to Live Well by Protecting the Environment.” Members wore green in recognition of the Environment CSP project and St. Patrick’s Day.   

She presented several Mindful facts regarding the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

As Anna Carol stated, nutrition starts in the Kitchen, and we should stay away from processed food and eat from the garden as often as possible.

Sugar causes inflammation, pain and weight gain and is addictive.

Watch your carbs; keep the number under 100 grams daily while taking in natural sugars.

Be mindful of plastic use.

Fake meats, which mostly come in plastic containers, are terrible for you and the environment because of their soy and wheat content.

Use a water canteen instead of a plastic water bottle. Drink half your weight in water ounces per day to flush out toxins.

Food is fuel and not an emotional supporter. Become mindful about your emotions and how the subconscious works.

Exercise to keep from being stagnant. “Life is not easy, but what matters is your response to life,” as stated by Anna Carol in her closing.

Debbie Beason used a pill bottle as an example for the Institute: Reduce Plastic Use – Refuse, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.

Prescription bottles are made of No. 5 plastic, polypropylene, which is recyclable.  Many curbside recycling programs won’t accept pill bottles, but don’t throw them out! Just peel off the labels, clean the bottles and find a way to repurpose them. Here are some ideas: Use them to store makeup brushes or makeup tubes like mascara or lip gloss; make a pretty pencil cup or desk organizers with decorations; put a bell inside and use it for a cat toy; or store bobby pins, safety pins, spare buttons, screws, crayons, etc.

Book Lovers did not meet December, January or February, but members donated pajamas to the Franklin County Foster Children’s program; books to the special-needs classroom at West Elementary; and $100 and toiletries to the FAME Girls Ranch.

Club reports were sent to GFWC Alabama by the Feb. 1 deadline.

At the March meeting members approved a $500 donation to the GFWC Alabama President’s Special Project, Diabetes Awareness–Camp Seale Harris, which will pay for a child to attend a week-long overnight camp in Mobile.

An additional $300 was given to a club member who is recovering from breast cancer treatment.

Money was collected from members to make a donation to the Canine Companion for Independence that provides assistance dogs free of charge to adults, children and veterans with disabilities.

In recognition of Women’s History Month, members were encouraged to sign up to receive the GFWC Women’s History Research Center publication, “The WHRC Newsletter.”

It was announced that the Russellville Public Library will open soon. A library meeting is scheduled for March 23, and members interested in supporting the library are invited to attend.