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RES raises funds for St. Jude

Every year the student council at Russellville Elementary School raises money for school-wide activities and service projects. 

To end this school year, students decided to seek donations for RCS teacher Jill Bonds’ St. Jude marathon – and raised a total of $1,351.91.

“It is great to see these kids working to help other kids who are like them,” Bonds said. “Even if they don’t know someone who St. Jude has helped right now, at some point they will meet someone who they have helped, and they will know their efforts helped.”

The students set up coin drop stations throughout the school for students to drop extra change.

“The students realized those coins could really add up to something big – saving lives,” said RES Student Council sponsor Melissa Greenhill.

Student Lyza Herring also set up a lemonade stand in front of her house to help raise money and collected $800 for St. Jude.

“To see students at this age taking an interest in fundraising is awesome,” Bonds said. “This money is going toward a great cause.”