May 2021 Land Transactions

May 3

James Watts to Katie Bonds, Power of Attorney

Jason Parker to Zachary Prince, Warranty

Jennifer Bragwell to Martin Carranzo, Warranty

May 4

OB Jackson to Andres Miguel, Warranty

Joseph White to City of Russellville, Easement

Rita Dowdle to Carmen Bostick, Quit Claim

May 5

Eleanor Bailey to Cheryl Hall, Quit Claim

Brenda Bailey to Cheryl Hall, Warranty

Mack Galloway to Heath Hill, Warranty

Joan Allen to Paul Aycock, Warranty

Juan Martinez to Carson Taylor, Warranty

May 6

Sandra Mays to Jennifer Canida, Warranty

Virginia Dunsmore to Yvonne Feltmon, Affidavit

Yvonne Feltmon to Virginia McClurg, Power of Attorney

Yvonne Parker to Zachary Roberts, Warranty

Chris Fuller to Jorge Aguirre, Warranty

Rita Gregg to Christy Gregg, Power of Attorney

Ernest Presley to Stephanie West, Warranty

Gertrude Borden to Charles Borden, Warranty

Thomas Thompson to Clint Frederick, Warranty

May 7

Lenda Dodd to Samuel Evans, Survivorship 

William Williams to William Williams, Warranty

Mason Willis to Noah Daugherty, Warranty

Wilba Miller to Eunice Miller, Warranty 

May 10

J. Fincher to James Gibson, Survivorship 

Terri Bell to Riley Welborn, Survivorship 

Martin Francisco to Juan Andres, Warranty 

Edith Hester to C Hester, Affidavit 

Gene McGee to Richard McGee, Survivorship 

Sharon Duncan to Ronald Vinson, Warranty 

May 11

Kandy Barnett to Tanya Pfeifer, Warranty 

Paul Bingham to Chris Boatwright, Survivorship 

May 12

Kay Livingston to David Sibley, Corrective

Brian Fuller to Alesha Southward, Warranty

May 13

David Ward to De McGuire, Warranty

Carlos Creekmore to Michael Ingle, Survivorship

Tony Horton to Barry Dill, Warranty

Robert Wallace to Kenneth Musser, Warranty

Cody Reynolds to Robert Wallace, Warranty

Chad Wells to Cory Hamm, Survivorship

Richard Wilson to Richard Wilson, Warranty

Zackie Bradford to Nehemias Campos, Warranty

Peggy Brown to Jordan Coan, Survivorship

May 14

Barbara Mitchell to Roberto Perez, Warranty

Billy Mitchell to Roberto Perez, Warranty

Shannon Smith to Jose Lopez, Survivorship

Billy Wells to Charlotte Dolan, Corrective

Chad Wells to Michael Fish, Survivorship

Cristobal Lucas to Olivia Francisco, Warranty

Louise Crane to Clara Yealock, Affidavit

Kimberly Newell to Kimberly Kelley, Survivorship

Roger Bedford to John Bedford, Quit Claim

Anthony Burleson to Heath Ford, Warranty

Georgia Sampson to Georgia Sampson, Warranty

Eddie Beason to Paul Smith, Affidavit

Ellis Logan to Linda Hovater, Warranty

May 17

Maria Garcia to Luis Torres, Affidavit

M Leathers to Luis Torres, Survivorship

May 18

Ralton Baker to Rick Lindsey, Survivorship

Nathan Wolfe to Francisco Carrillo, Warranty

Boyd Parker to Francisco Carrillo, Warranty

May 19

Robert Selwyn to John Stanford, Affidavit

Loancare LLC to Federal National Mortgage, Warranty

Johnny Jackson to Jose Gonzalez, Warranty

May 20

Nathan Bohannon to John Compton, Warranty

Donald Crittenden to Joshua Warhurst, Quit Claim

Tyler Morrow to Robert Gaas, Survivorship

Phillip Barksdale to Brenda Bennett, Warranty

Daniel Labo to Tim Bragwell, Warranty

Dianne Pace to Glen Dill, Affidavit

Dianne Pace to Dianne Pace, Warranty

May 21

Vickie Osborn to Jason Hester, Survivorship

Thomas Bearden to Thomas Bearden, Warranty

Roger Jones to Tamira Edwards, Survivorship

Eucellis Underwood to Nancy McCalpin, Warranty

Eddie Beason to Harold Snider, Affidavit

Andres Miguel to Ivan Sancha, Sale

Tammy Humphres to brandy Humphres, Warranty

May 24

Danny Parker to Sally Gusmus, Power of Attorney

Danny Parker to James Parker, Power of Attorney

Heather Edgmon to Jeremy Edgmon, Quit Claim

Alberto Pascual to Yovani Jose, Warranty

Linda Sherman to Kristie Cummings, Warranty

Ronnie Frederick to Dewayne Adams, Warranty

G. Lane Inc to Chadwick Vincent, Survivorship

Jose Rocha to Yurken Pozo, Warranty

May 25

Nathan Avila to Galo Properties, Warranty

Jerry Canida to Rex Tice, Survivorship

David Ward to Maribel Macias, Sale

Jamie Kiel top Billy Harris, Warranty

Elizabeth Scruggs to Rickey Davis, Survivorship

Van Pierce to Michael Fleming, Quit Claim

Veronica Fuentes to Patricia Juan, Warranty

Rex Tice to Tyler James, Survivorship

Helen Humphries to Steve Bostick, Survivorship

May 26

Joan Huggins to Mark Hill, Warranty

Ronald McCulloch to Vulcan Construction, Release

Ronald McCulloch to Calmat Co, Warranty

Jackson Stell to Auburn University, Personal Representative

Margaret Briand to William Lane, Warranty

Lesley Massey to Margaret Briand, Warranty

Nicholas Ayers to Lick Creek Cove, Warranty

Theo Pounders to Joseph Williams, Warranty

May 27

Tina Cochran to Jessica Badowski, Survivorship

Nicholas Williams to Nicholas Williams, Warranty

Heath Ayers to Ashley Lindsey, Warranty

Wesley Mills to Gregory Dees, Warranty

William Copeland to Jaime Valdez, Warranty

Johnnie Weatherford to Mark Nunley, Warranty

Anthony Burleson to Heath Ford, Affidavit

Melody Fergerson to Dianne Miller, Corrective

Dianne Miller to Brayden Bendall, Corrective

Brayden Bendall to Ramon Pedro, Survivorship

Joshua Warhurst to Wesley Donaldson, Warranty

David Cupples to Tiffany McCarter, Warranty

May 28

Steve Cox to Tommy Cox, Warranty

Deborah Farris to Rodney Jones, Executor’s

Virginia Wade-McCreight to Jorge Rezado, Warranty

John Allen to Julie Allen, Quit Claim

Michael Fish to Jennifer Warhurst, Warranty

Bobby Canup to Chris Porter, Warranty

Eddie Beason to Rita Dowdle, Affidavit

Lorain Baker to Andrea Hutcheson, Warranty


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