May 2021 Marriages Licenses

May 7

Lucas Pennington to Nathan Pennington

May 11

Jared Scott to Samantha Townsend

May 13

Luis Navas Guerra to Mildreth Escobar Duarte

May 14

Walter Puckett to Ruth Mills

Savana Miller to Jay Grissom

May 18

Osberto Licardie to Ericka Humphres

Tracie Lancaster to Taylor Hargett

James Francisco to Marlene Ramirez Promotor

Jorge Quim Riscajche to Lesly Sacayon Ixcamparic

May 21

Matthew White to Desiree Holland

Amanda Rose to Billy Riddle

May 24

Jacob Williams to Rosa Escalante Maravilla

Christopher Pressnell to Anna Gunderman

May 25

Toni King to Cristob Matias Hernandez 

May 26

Faith Moreno-Scoggin to Anthony Hill

May 28

John Hopson to Deia Borden