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Summer is coming – don’t miss out

Summer is coming, and Franklin County is offering plenty of ways for us to enjoy it.

It’s time to get excited.

Summer is the time for spontaneous rides to Rollies or Frosty Inn or even a local fast-food place for a sweet ice cream treat.

Summer is the time for long afternoons at Sloss Lake, weekends at Elliott Branch or Piney Point, quiet evenings on the Bear Creek Lakes.

Summer is Friday night cookouts, Saturday pool parties, Sunday family lunches. It’s hiking at the Dismals, splashing at Red Bay Fun Park, taking in a show at the Historic Roxy Theatre.

Many of us will be taking the opportunity over the next couple of months to travel – maybe for the first time since the pandemic hit in March 2020. There’s nothing wrong with a good summer vacation – I myself am looking forward to a couple weekends at the beach – but truth be told, there’s plenty to enjoy right here on the home front.

This might be the best summer yet as we get to enjoy so many things we missed in 2020. The Watermelon Festival is coming back. The Phil Campbell Hoedown is coming back. All of our favorite local destinations and events will be available to us again, and we can even choose to enjoy them without masks – at your own risk, of course.

In some ways it feels like summer’s been a long time coming, but with May behind us and sunny days in the forecast, it’s time to get ready.

Summer is coming. Don’t miss out!