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Club Chronicles: Delta Kappa Gamma Alabama meets for state convention

The 54th DKG Alabama State Convention was held May 22 in Montgomery at the Embassy Suites.

Representing the DKG Alpha Upsilon Chapter at the convention was Cheri McCain.

Highlights of the convention included hearing international president Becky Sadowski speak about her experiences at the international level.

Teresa Noell, state president, spoke about challenges clubs faced this past year during the pandemic. Everyone was so thankful to be able to finally come together as an organization and see each other.

Alabama storyteller Dolores Hydock entertained the group by telling her story of portraying Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the well-known sex therapist, in a Birmingham production called “Becoming Dr. Ruth.”

Unknown to most people, Dr. Ruth’s parents made the decision to try to save her from Nazi aggression at the beginning of World War II by putting her on a train called the Kindertransport, which carried young German Jewish children to safety in an orphanage in Switzerland. She was 10 years old and would live there until she was 17. She would be the only family member to survive the Holocaust.

Hydock actually called Dr. Ruth in New York City and told her she would be portraying her in the play. Dr. Ruth invited her to New York, and they met over lunch to discuss her life.

The powerful performance by Hydock ended with her portrayal of Dr. Ruth saying, looking back on her 92 years of life, “Hitler lost, and I won!”

A silent auction of items used to decorate the Alabama state headquarters at Huntington College was held during the convention. Copies of “A Brief History of Beta State,” published in 1967, and “A Decade Unmolds Beta State 1967-1977” were given to attendees.

Delta Kappa Gamma Christmas ornaments were given to all attendees from President Teresa Noell.

The Ceremony of Remembrance was solemn but beautiful as the names of deceased members from 2019-2020 were read. White roses were placed in a large red rose bouquet as each name was called out. Nelda Moss from our chapter was honored with a white rose.

Voting delegates at the convention approved several changes to existing amendments to the bylaws and policies of the state organization regarding how long a member can serve on the state nominations and personnel committees.

Our chapter received The Order of the Rose Award. This award is given to chapters at the state convention that have met a set of goals for the previous year. These goals distinguish the chapter as one that strives to strengthen the members and the chapter as a whole.

New state officers were installed at the conclusion of the convention. The 2021-2023 officers are Penny Christian as president, Ann Jones as first vice president, Dawn Pettit as second vice president, Catherine Sanders as recording secretary and Madeline Buchanan as corresponding secretary.