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Clinic represents effort to make COVID-19 vaccine available to all

When the Rev. Charles Dale saw several COVID-19 vaccine clinics scheduled in Russellville, he said he knew he wanted to host a clinic in District 3.

After several phone calls, Dale and the Franklin County Health Department were able to serve Friday at a vaccine clinic at the Chucky Mullins Center.

“I just felt like it was important to have a clinic in my neighborhood, in the black neighborhood, to make sure everyone had a chance to come get a vaccine,” Dale said.

Dale said the goal was to make sure people of all races were able to have access to the vaccine.

To account for Russellville’s diverse population, several members of Hispanic organizations were present as well to help with translating for any non-English speakers.

“We wanted this to be something where everyone could feel comfortable coming out because we just wanted a cause where we could bring everyone together,” Dale said. “I would say we did that.”

The clinic was held in partnership with the Franklin County Health Department, and several military members helped with the clinic.

Workers for the district health department said for privacy reasons they were not able to give a number of how many people received the vaccine at the clinic, but it ended up being more than expected.

“We ended up having really good results today with a lot of people,” Dale said.

Typically people who have received the first dose of a two-dose series of the vaccine are directed to return to the original site where they received their vaccine for their second dose, but people who were vaccinated Friday will receive their second dose at the health department to make sure there is not a scheduling issue at the Chucky Mullins Center.