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russellville council city hall

Council approves resolution declaring Mahan Malone tennis courts obsolete

In Monday night’s meeting, the Russellville City Council approved a resolution declaring the Mahan Malone tennis courts obsolete.

Nov. 29, 1974, the city was awarded funding by the State of Alabama from the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965. The funds were used to acquire 20 acres for the Mahan Malone park and to develop six fenced and lighted tennis courts and support facilities within the park.

The council determined the courts, located behind Bowen Dentistry on Underwood Road, have now exceeded their useful life and found the cost to refurbish them to be in excess of $350,000.

Additionally, the City of Russellville constructed the newer tennis courts near Russellville High School.

“They haven’t been used in years, and our grant people recommended that we declare them obsolete because they’re not being used any longer,” Mayor David Grissom explained. “If they’re not being used for recreational activities, they recommend that you declare them obsolete. It’s just a formality in the process.”

There is not yet a plan in place for the courts or the space where they are located.

The council also approved work completed on project IAR-030-000-007, the intersection improvements at Lawrence Street and Highway 24.

The next regular council meeting will be Aug. 2.