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Russellville couple takes up their cross for Christ

When most people talk about walking the Christian walk, it’s in a metaphorical sense.

When they talk about taking up one’s cross, they just mean figuratively.

For Monique and Zane Roland, on the other hand, these ideas are all too literal.

The Russellville couple, both in their 70s, are part of Grace Covenant Church, located at the intersection of Lawrence Street West and Highway 24 in Russellville. The former missionaries ceased their traveling at the onset of the pandemic in 2020 but continue to practice an active faith by, once a week, pounding the pavement with a large wooden cross in tow – a tradition they have had for years.

“We just feel led to do this for Jesus,” explained Zane, resting the cross against his shoulder as traffic whizzed past on Highway 43. The couple makes a two-hour circuit of Russellville with the cross, and they also tote it around Muscle Shoals and Florence. “The Lord just called on our hearts.”

The pair said they get lots of notice from those they pass by, from car honks and waves to those who actually stop them to learn more.

A wheel at the foot of the cross aids in its transport.

“We want to stay involved. We don’t want to get old – even though we are,” Monique said.

“Yes, we want to stay involved and do something that will glorify God,” Zane added. “We want to walk the walk.”