July 2021 Land Transactions

July 1

Martha Hovater to Gary Lee Hovater, warranty

Douglas Olander Stokes to Beverly Curtis Stokes, quit claim

Bobby W. McMahan to Kim Bailey, warranty

James Hagood to Freddy A. Argueta Escobar, survivorship

Betty Jean Wells to Martin Tomas Francisco, survivorship

July 2

Janene L. Jenkins to Nathan C. Grissom, survivorship

Tammy L. Jack to Darryl William Smith, warranty

Hugh Braxton Owings Jr. to Hugh Braxton Owings Jr., survivorship

Bear Creek Development Authority to Past Times LLC, lease

Jolee McNees to Greg Dobbs, warranty

Reba F. Coppedge to Hugh Johnston, survivorship

Christopher Pace to Joanna Lorraine Perez, warranty

Johnny Cleveland to Greg Robinson, survivorship

July 6

John  E. Hooker Jr. to John E. Hooker, survivorship

John Kenley Britnell to Ashley William Alexander, survivorship

Ronald E. McCulloch to Calmat Co., corrective

Barry Uptain to Sergio Ruiz, survivorship

Curtis R. Hawkins to Austin Hunter James, survivorship

Randall Haston Oliver, Damien Michael Reeves, warranty

Carol Danette Fretwell to Lindsey Johnson, warranty

Kody E. Ortiz to Christopher E. Miller, survivorship

Stephen Trevor Mitchell to Russellville Rental Property, warranty

July 7

Kermit O. Garrison to Alabama Power Company, easement

Clovie A. Founders to Alabama Power Company, easement

Justin Warhurst to Alabama Power Company, easement

James J. Wehunt to Brandon Curtis Swindle, warranty

Kenneth Eugene Lee to Jennifer Miller, warranty

Revenue Commissioner to Mary McCloud, tax

July 8

Mitzi Clark to Linda Clark Cason, warranty

Mitzi Clark to Susan Carroll Parker, warranty

Mitzi Clark to Linda Clark Cason, warranty

July 9

John David Herold to John David Herold, warranty

William H. Bishop to Emily Kay Kutzley, warranty

Michael Fred Reeves to Eric Joseph Kornegay, survivorship

Mary L. Miller to Jose F. Pascual, survivorship

July 12

Yeimi Magnolia Garcia to Manfredo Ramos Santos, quit claim

Chris Hale Burcham to Manfredo Ramos Santos, warranty

Marty W. Corbell to Second Creek LLC, warranty

Second Creek LLC to First National Bank, assignment misc.

Dollar General to Second Creek LLC, restrictions

Billy Bolton to Lowell Bostick, affidavit

Carolyn Bostick to Lowell Bostick, affidavit

Carmen Dexter Bostick to Claude F. Urich, warranty

Michael Cody Hayse to Kassy Eileen baker, warranty

Page Housing LLC to Marvin Hernandez Pinon, survivorship

Community Spirit Bank to Christopher Blackburn, warranty

Catherine Jean Lynch to Angela Jean Alack, power of attorney

Catherine Jean Lynch to Doreen Michelle Patterson, power of attorney

July 13

Ridge Crest LTD to Alabama Housing Finance, agreement release

Gillie Guinn to Jesse Heath, warranty

Gillie Guinn to Vernon J. Britton, affidavit

Gary Umfress to Gary Raper, survivorship

Harold Watson to The Town of Vina, quit claim

James Norman Woodruff II to Christopher Porter, warranty

July 14

Anthony Cochran to Esvin Carrillo Cano, survivorship

Chris Wright to Pedro Cotoc, survivorship

Daphne Jones to Maryann L. Williams, survivorship

Stephanie Humphries to Sarah McKinney, warranty

Norris Rogers to Lee Allen Page, warranty

William Jerry Mayfield to Marilyn C. Mayfield, warranty

Randy Freemon to Randy Joe Freemon II, warranty

July 15

Herbert Thompson to Jerry Humphries, warranty

Billy Lee Mills to William R. Cummings, warranty

James Larry Robison to Debra Leigh Alexander, power of attorney

Eddie Beason to JID Inc., affidavit

July 16

Justin Cummings to Riley Bridge Co. Inc., quit claim

Donald Miller to Riley Bridge Co. Inc., quit claim

Michael Fred Reeves to Eric Joseph Kornegay, warranty

Raul Tomas Tomas to Micaela Andres Domingo, warranty

Howard Jackson to Gregory Darryl Hamilton, warranty

July 19

Michael L. Grissom to Jerry Baker, warranty

Kevin Pace to Sal Holdings LLC, warranty

Michael Richard to Kenneth William Arness, warranty

Bojoe Young to Gregory Parrish, warranty

July 20

Jose Rolando Gonzalez to Welmer Edison Solis Cano, sale contrat

Amber Bohannon to Ellis Wooten, survivorship

Tammy Emerson to Ellis Wooten, survivorship

Jamie Simpson to Harold T. Lewis, survivorship

Michelle L. Murray to Thomas Harper, survivorship

Jeffrey Calvin James to Jeffrey Calvin James, quit claim

Edward Donald Meggs to Willodean Wilson, affidavit

Alberto Agustin Francisco to Miguel Agustin-Martin survivorship

July 21

Irby Land LLC to Gary Hanan, warranty

Clara M. Harvey to Bonnie Toro, power of attorney

Clara M. Harvey to Bonnie Toro, power of attorney

Raymond W. Hudson to Raymond W. Hudson, quit claim

Eileen Baggett to Joshua Shawn Hall, warranty

James Paul Rice to Jonathan G. Crouch, warranty

July 22

H.T. Ivy to Bachelor Timber and Land LLC, warranty

Mike Keenum to Terry Green, corrective

Blake Entrekin to Terry Green, corrective

Terry Green to Esvin Horacio Castillo, warranty

Keith Wilson to Jose Sagastume, warranty

Vernell R. Johnson to Joshua Leonard Barber, survivorship

July 23

Brenda Aldridge to Gary Wayne Aldridge, warranty

Brenda Aldridge to Gary Wayne Aldridge, warranty

James Crofford to Mandy Winstead, warranty

Jason Lane to William Brad James, warranty

Chris Lane to William Brad James, warranty

Dean Francis to Steve Cox, warranty

Delores Ann Montgomery to Fred Pilgrim, warranty

Terry Windham to Brent Steven Caldwell, survivorship

Bryan Sutton to Austin M. McDougal, warranty

Karina Ramirez to Jose Agusto Sag Coronado, sale contract

Kimberly Kristin Lee to Christian Alexander Parker, warranty

Golden Tiger Properties LLC to Nelson Antonio Garcia, warranty

July 26

Robert E. Vall to Alexandra Diane Vall, warranty

Louise Baker to Louise Baker, warranty

Page Housing LLC to Joseph McKinney, warranty

Don Hastings to Joanna Allred, survivorship

James M. Stanford to Jasper Lumber Company LLC, timber

Michael Stanford to First South Farm Credit, timber agreement

Billy Juckaba Jr. to Guerson Fernandez Cuevas, survivorship

Pascual F. Mateo-Pedro to Miguel Francisco Mateo, survivorship

Debra Luther to Tommy McLeod, warranty

Christopher Nichols to Payton Nichols, warranty

July 27

George Bryant to Robert Elliott, warranty

Marty W. Corbell to Franklin County Road Department, quit claim

Selina Rena Motes to Trevor Farley, survivorship

Eddie Beason to Selina Rena Motes, affidavit

July 28

Barry Pounders to Ambulance Billing Service, warranty

Barry Pounders to Michael Pounders, warranty

Charles Michael Mills to Samantha Alexis Payne, warranty

Glenda D. Sampson to Anthony Mark Sampson Jr., warranty

Georgia Wynn Sampson to Anthony Mark Sampson Jr., warranty

Glenda D. Sampson to Anthony Mark Sampson Jr., warranty

Georgia Wynn Sampson to Anthony Mark Sampson Jr., warranty

Glenda D. Sampson to Anthony Mark Sampson Jr., warranty

Georgia Wynn Sampson to Anthony Mark Sampson Jr., warranty

Georgia Wynn Sampson to Anthony Mark Sampson Jr., warranty

John Benjamin McClure to John Benjamin McClure, survivorship

Teresa J. Ozbirn to Kathy J. Hudson, warranty

Ruby I. Greene to Gary Devaney, warranty

Riley Glenn Hester to Makensy Lee Macias, warranty

Jeffery Michael Stockton to Gary P. Dobbs Jr., warranty

Crystal Pearson to Linda Pharr, warranty

Hazel G. Hill to Marcus Hill, administrator’s

Michael Kyle Kimbrough to Singing River Home Buyers, warranty

July 29

Vickey Horton to Robert Vandiver, survivorship

Gary L. Gunderman to Adam O. Colley, warranty

Bryce Allee to Bryce Allee Revocable Trust, certification of trust

A&O Regional Design LLC to The Bryce Allee Revocable Trust, warranty

Willodean Davis to Martin Miguel Gaspar, warranty

Page Housing LLC to Hannah L. Baggett, warranty

Cookie Holland to Benjamin David Jones, warranty

Benjamin David Jones to Community Spirit Bank, assignment

July 30

Shirley Prestage to Judy Bullen, power of attorney

Golden Tiger Properties to Benjamin Castro Amaya, sale contract

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