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New Phil Campbell Elementary School Principal Channing Wright takes reins

“I’m ready to get this year started,” said Channing Wright, new principal at Phil Campbell Elementary, a kindergarten through sixth-grade school.

Wright just spent 11 years teaching kindergarten at West Elementary in Russellville. “This will be an adjustment,” said Wright, “but it’s one I’m looking forward to making.”

She’s had her administrative degree for about five years but said she wasn’t ready to pursue using it until recently. “This past year, I just felt the Lord pressing on my heart that it was something I needed to pray about and start thinking about and here we are,” said Wright.

She said she loves to see the growth, innocence and excitement of younger kids, but is also looking forward to the challenges of helping older children. “I can’t wait to get to know all of the students at the school instead of only the ones in my classroom.”

Wright said she is thankful to be afforded the opportunity to increase the positive impact she is able to have by interacting with more students.

“I hope to be able to encourage the students as they go through the year,” said Wright. “The older ages are going through different challenges. I want to be a positive role model.”

She said the students “teach you a lot about being resilient and joyful” and that “every day is a new opportunity.”

“At this age, they tend to be happy and excited about school, and that really helps if you’ve had a rough day,” said Wright. “I want to thank the previous principal, Jennifer Warhurst, for her support and guidance, and I wish to express my gratitude to Superintendent Hamilton for hiring me for this position.

Warhurst has the following words of wisdom to offer Wright as she takes on the challenges of the year to come: “Be firm, fair and consistent. Remain calm and be positive in all situations. Smile always. Laugh often. You are doing important work for the good of children; brighten the corner where you are.”

“Mrs. Wright is a bright young administrator with a great future ahead of her,” said Hamilton. “She will work hard for her students and employees, and we are excited to have her in the Franklin County Schools system.”

Wright said the faculty and community have been very welcoming and are already helping her to feel right at home in her new position.