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Autumn decorations bring joy

Fall has arrived!

OK, not really. According to the calendar, we still have a few more days until the first official day of the season. But with Labor Day serving as the unofficial end of summer, it only follows that it also marks the unofficial beginning of autumn.

That’s not the only sign of the times, either.

College football has kicked off. Pumpkin-flavored everything is starting to make a reappearance in advertising. Evenings are starting to bring just a hint of chill to the sweltering heat of summer.

It might still be a while before we’re cozying up into scarves and sweaters, but as far as I’m concerned, fall is here.

That’s why I got out my scarecrows.

I don’t go crazy with decorating any time of year, but I try to do a little something with each season change. When fall arrives, it’s time to change the throw pillow covers and tablecloth and put out my modest collection of scarecrows.

These fall decorations bring a smile to my face. They are just a quick and easy way to add a little something new to my home decor without having to spend any money. I mean, yes, I once spent money to purchase each of them, but now they just come back out of storage year after year to spread their harvest-time cheer throughout my house.

Soon it will be time for pumpkin patches and hayrides and pots of chili. Soon it will be time for corn mazes and haunted houses and piles of crisp leaves.

Fall is coming – and my scarecrows are heralding the season.