October 2021 Land Transactions

Oct. 1

Timothy Ken Boys to Thomas Kirk Boyles, executor’s

Samuel J. Presley to Samantha Presley, power of attorney

Adam Brooks to Samuel J. Presley, warranty

Carolyn J. Williams to Dale Jeffreys, warranty

David Humphries to Roger Collier, warranty

Steve Cox to Wallace Howell Reid, survivorship

Tammy Emerson to Ellis Wooten, corrective

Ellis Wooten to Tammy Emerson, quit claim

Oct. 4

Bill Benford to Tanna Nicole Tatum, affidavit

Royce Miller to Matthew Wileman, warranty

Oct. 5

Jose Ramirez to Irene Lopez Sanchez, warranty

Sherry Seal Self to Gene T. Seal, affidavit

Joy K. Reed to Shara Lynn Shook, survivorship

Debra Jackson M. Fretwell to Ronny Santia Juan-Miguel, warranty

Cristina Lopez to Nora M. Marroquin, warranty

Herschel Nix to Matthew Thomas, survivorship

Oct. 6

Wendy Michelle O’Keefe to William R. O’Keefe, warranty

Terry P. Smith to Adam Strickland, survivorship

Martha Seal Thornton to Martin Miguel Pascual, warranty

Claude F. Urich to Pauline Gann, warranty

Oct. 7

Artie V. Kizer to Dwight Rice, warranty

Wanda Patricia Underwood to Wanda Rene McCurry, corrective

Edith Ann Hovater Jones to Virginia Hubbard, executor’s

Reba F. Coppedge to Karen Riegle Boyd, warranty

Oct. 8

Jasper Copeland to Katie Copeland, quit claim

Cornerstone Associates to Casey Meneil, warranty

Mark Seay to Matthew Tyler Seay, warranty

Oct. 12

Talmadge Kirk to El Land Management LLC, warranty

Larry Moore to Jacob H. Smith, warranty

Randy Bolton to Terry Bendall Jr., warranty

Tiffin Motor Homes to Sewage Disposal Board, easement

Sewage Disposal Board to Sewage Disposal Board, easement

Phillip Humphries to William David Humphries, warranty

Phillip Humphries to Phillip Humphries, warranty

Isidro Gutterrez-Guico to Manuel Jesus Rami Abarca, warranty

Isidro Gutterrez-Guico to Sabina Abarca, power of attorney

Susana Mendoza-Carrillo to Sabina Abarca, power of attorney

Christopher M. Peters to Christopher M. Peters, corrective

James D. Davis to Warren Garrett Lauderdale, survivorship

James C. Miller to Eric Arnett, survivorship

Tammy B. Montgomery to Bradley Kirk, survivorship

Polly Shelton to James David Ward, survivorship

David E. Lupton to Ted McWhorter, survivorship

Dallas Gilliland to Douglas Anderson, survivorship

Gerald R. Hester to Robin Lee Duncan, warranty

Donna Forrester to Ricky B. Trail Sr., personal representative

Arturo Vargas to Freddy Vargas, sale contract

Moore C-Stores LTD to Larry Pat Cochran, warranty

Gary Graham to N2 Property Solutions LLC, warranty

Secretary of Housing to Information Systems, power of attorney

Alberto A. Francisco to Pascual Felix Juan, warranty

Oct. 13

Kathy Darlene Taylor to Ricky Wayne Taylor, power of attorney

Lillian W. Patterson to Austin Sparks, warranty

The Secretary of Veterans to The Money Source Inc., quit claim

Oct. 14

Alene Baker to Debra F. Newell, warranty

Kenneth J. Dobbs to Kenneth J. Dobbs, warranty

Oct. 15

Elaine Christian to Henry Christian III, warranty

James Zills to Bonnie Lynn Ohmer, warranty

David L. Welborn to Alabama Power Company, easement

Stephen Ricky Bingham to Alabama Power Company, easement

Alisia Welborn to Alabama Power Company, easement

Hunter Lane Jordan to Alabama Power Company, easement

Michael D. Atkins to Alabama Power Company, easement

Town Hill Enterprises LLC to Made in USA Properties LLC, warranty

Steven Wayne Jackson to Dolores Juan Jose, survivorship

Oct. 18

Jeremy Wade Clemmons to Derek Wayne Baker, survivorship

Angie Jo Evans to Angie Jo Evans, executor’s

Juan Domingo to Juana Francisco Perez, warranty

Horace Crowden to Samantha Ann Dotson, contract

Todd E. Johnson to Braxton Cade Baker, warranty

Edna Vernell Johnson to Joshua Leonard Barber, survivorship

Oct. 19

Mike Horton to Justin Epperson, warranty

Matthew Chandler McCollum to Lazaro Ramon Gonzalez, warranty

Randy O. Hester to Randy O. Hester, warranty

Dennis Wade Scott to Jake Allen Scott Sr., warranty

Dennis Scott to Jake Allen Scott Sr., warranty

Dennis Wade Scott to Jake Allen Scott Sr., warranty

Wallace Aycock to Christopher A. Jones, warranty

Greg Lane to Joe D. Lane, survivorship

Martin Felipe Pascual to Isabel Diego Pedro, warranty

Oct. 20

Laresia Jackson to Dane Youngblood, warranty

James Ray Tompkins to Tillman Infrastructure LLC, memorandum of lease

Linda L. Lucas Bey Living to United States America, trust

Kathryn Amber Gibson to Katrina D. Gibson, warranty

Oct. 21

Merrell Potter to William James Mullen, warranty

Oct. 22

Paul Cothrum to Christopher Cothum, survivorship

Charles Bruce Forman to Leo Milton Dove Jr., warranty

Burley Joe Flanagin to Terry Wayne Yarbrough, warranty

Wayne West to Larry Mitchell, warranty

Timothy P. Strawmyer to Timothy P. Strawmyer, warranty

Timothy Ken Boyles to Theresa Kim Boyles, executor’s

Pamela F. Raper Prince to Rhonda Lynn Cochran, warranty

Amber Geislinger to Ronald E. Holmes, survivorship

Oct. 25

Jimmy C. Osborn to Alejandro F. Martin, warranty

Gloria Cox Dindorf toMegan Pace, warranty

Dewayne Holloway to Darlene C. Snider, warranty

Tarin L. Puckett to Joseph Andres Romero Lugo, warranty

Barry Shane Winsted to Elizabeth Rae Landers, warranty

Jesse D. Mills to Jessica Porter, survivorship

Oct. 26

Arva Nell Barrett to Donna Jo Criswell, warranty

Jane Ledbetter to Kevin Miller, survivorship

Jason A. Morgan to Jason A. Morgan, warranty

Dalena Jo Hyde to Jason A. Morgan, warranty

Jason E. Sandusky to Xingdian Liu, warranty

Jimmy M. Berry to Tony Massey, survivorship

Oct. 27

Brad M. Horton to Byron R. Davis, quit claim

Jason Riley to Jaime Valdez, survivorship

Freddy J. Hall to Maria Baltazar Ramirez, warranty

James Edward Pinkard to Cher Ranee Pinkard, warranty

James Edward Pinkard to Cher Ranee Pinkard, warranty

Donna Forrester to Vennie Stufflebeem, personal representative

Oct. 28

Nicole J. Lenz to Andrew Daniel Reylek, survivorship

Van Hoyt Dobbs to Victoria Lynn D. Skidmore, power of attorney

Oct. 29

Addie Kathrine Grissom to Rebecca Watts Rogers, easement

James B. Glasgow to Anna G. Harper, warranty

Joe B. Hester Jr. to Alejandro Francis Martin, survivorship

Tab Jeffery Thorn to Samantha Presley, power of attorney

Samuel J. Presley to Synmantha Presley, power of attorney

Adam Brooks to Samuel J. Presley, warranty

Jaclyn Violet Savage to Chris Wallace, sale contract

Chad Wells to Luis Angel Salinas, quit claim

Lora Clementine Marbutt to Regina C. Gates, power of attorney

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