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Guest column: This is not healthy

When government leaders promoted Dr. Richard “Rachel” Levine to be our nation’s assistant secretary of health, they lost their credibility to tell the truth regarding our health and well-being.

Let me begin by admitting I’m a Christian and believe that a Christian worldview is healthier than the one currently on display in our country. Someone might be quick to respond, “She is not leading your church, so what’s the big deal?” Such a comment assumes that the views of Christians have no place in the public sphere, while the views of non-Christians are welcome everywhere.

Everyone has a worldview through which they interpret truth in the world, and in this country, everyone once had the right to speak what they believed to be true publicly.

In response, some would accuse me of being narrow-minded and prejudiced against this “woman’s” successful career because her self-identity doesn’t fit my view of the world. They would argue she is not obligated to exist within my Christian worldview.

But is that true?

Such objections assume I’m proposing a subjective opinion rather than objective truth. Instead, I’m making a factual claim that Dr. Levine is a man. I don’t believe that a man confused about his gender is qualified to advise others about health.

For example, someone might deny 2+2=4, but they are not qualified to teach our children math.

As a Christian, I believe we should love those who are confused about math or gender. However, we should love them in a way that brings them to the truth because it is unloving to support a lie.

It would be hurtful to everyone if we began promoting our worst math students to the top of the class. In the same way, it is harmful to our society when we promote gender-confused doctors to the top of our public health system.

At this point, some might be thinking, “This is why we don’t let religious people run our country anymore.” Many will see my objections as hateful and a danger to our society.

But I want to remind you that we fundamentally disagree about what is true. I understand concerns about countries “run by religion,” but many have not considered that governments run by atheists also do bad things. Some estimate that Mao Zedong killed around 45 million in China, which would make this the greatest massacre in world history. Others estimate Pol Pot killed approximately 2 million in Cambodia.

Let’s be honest. Many would attempt to discredit my truth claim by attacking my character as proud, disrespectful, discriminatory and hateful. If you demonize your opponent, it is easier to dismiss their arguments.

Instead, please evaluate my arguments on their own merit. Is it true that God created two genders, male and female? It wasn’t too long ago that this was commonly accepted as fact.

Is biological gender an oppressive ideology to be overcome? Have we risen above this once-held truth? Or have we rebelled against reality and descended into madness?

I’m arguing for the latter.

At this point, you might be thinking Christianity has brainwashed me, and we have nothing more to discuss. But perhaps the secularists have brainwashed you.

The Christian worldview gives the only accurate accounting of the world and ourselves. For example, most of you reading this article have accepted your biological gender; however, you might not have considered why it’s good and right for you to embrace that identity.

The current secular worldview cannot properly account for the existence of your personal identity and self-reflection. Is it a matter of chance? Or personal preference? Or simply an illusion?

If the secular worldview is correct and taken to its ultimate conclusion, your personal identity has no objective meaning at all.

In such a worldview, there is no basis for objective truth, meaning or purpose in life. In such a worldview, you are the product of evolutionary chance. How can truth about your gender exist in such a model?

And yet, despite this problem, most secularists have embraced the reality of their gender, believe it is good and have not tried to rebel against this fact.

This irony is only one example demonstrating how it’s not possible to live consistently within a secular belief system. Therefore, we should not base our public health policy on such an erroneous worldview.

In contrast, the Christian worldview can explain why it is good and healthy for you to embrace your biological gender: “So God created man in his own image …male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27).

How do you properly account for it?

Joe Hamm is a resident of Belgreen.