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Book Lovers make donations to deserving organizations

Book Lovers Study Club held an unusual meeting in December: a Christmas Pajama Party celebration for the holidays, held at the home of Patricia and Don Cox. Serving as co-hostesses were Cindy Bailey and Leah Masterson.

Members were asked to wear pajamas and to bring a pair to donate to Safeplace. Twenty-eight sets of pajamas were donated. The pajamas were delivered to Safeplace before Christmas.

Instead of the traditional Christmas dinner or refreshments, homemade pancakes, quiche, bacon and fruit was served. Each member was given a White Barn Holiday Favorite Wallflower as a gift.

Before the group gathered to play a game, a short business session was held.

A request for a donation to benefit the Russellville Coalition was presented. According to Betsy Green, who works with the Russellville Coalition, they have 25-30 homeless individuals at any given time.  Some have mental issues, addiction or just no funds for shelter.

She has placed people from here to a home in Birmingham, which costs $500. The RC “tracks” these individuals for one year.

Pilgrim’s Pride works with her to employ those who qualify. From October through February, she gives survival backpacks to those living in the woods, filled with special blankets, socks and more. It costs about $85 to furnish a backpack.

The Russellville Coalition has applied for – and received confirmation that it qualifies for – 501(c)3 non-profit status. The group is waiting for final approval.

Book Lovers Study Club was asked to donate $100. At the meeting, members donated $110, and additional funds of $36 were added – which made the total donation $146 to the homeless coalition by members of Book Lovers.

Throughout the year, club members donated monthly to the Canine Companion for Independence Organization. Book Lovers Study Club members donated $100 to this organization this year. A $100 check will be mailed to the Canine Companion organization.

Members enjoyed beautiful Christmas decorations at both Patricia Cox’s home and Cindy Dillard’s home.  This was one of the highlights of the evening, which was enjoyed by everyone.

Another highlight was the opportunity to support worthwhile projects, such as Safeplace, Russellville Coalition and Canine Companion for Independence. This is the season to help others through our donations.