Could you be a mentor?

January is National Mentoring Month. January has almost passed, and perhaps you have not given any thought to being a mentor.

I personally think mentoring is a year-round commitment and an ongoing way to support, encourage and build relationships with others.

The custom of mentoring dates back before Greek mythology. In the book “The Odyssey,” there is a character – called Mentor – whose sole purpose is to guide others in life.

Effective mentors act as role models and sounding boards for their mentees and provide guidance to help them reach their goals.

Mentoring can include professional development, life skills, craftsmanship, hobbies, beauty – and the list goes on and on. Anyone can become a mentor; you might already be one without realizing it.

The best part about being a mentor is that there is no age limit.

To be a mentor for someone, all you need to do is offer a helping hand to someone who needs assistance.

To find a mentor, decide what goals you want to achieve. If the goals are professional improvements, search for a mentor in your work place. Having some things in common with your mentor, such as hobbies, interests or profession, is helpful.

Mentoring creates unity and allows people to grow and improve themselves. It brings people from all walks of life together.

Also, mentoring is a good way to recruit new members for your organization, which helps it to grow and maintains its activeness in the community.

If you are in an organization and want to promote new members’ involvement, it’s your responsibility to explain your club’s structure and activities. Introduce them to every member and accompany them to meetings to make them feel comfortable.

Explain the various club committees and community service programs, and suggest committee assignments compatible with their interests.

Stay in touch and monitor the new member’s comfort level and involvement in the organization.

As a mentee, thanking your mentors might feel a little silly or embarrassing, but gratefulness goes a long way.