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Season of love returns

How do you measure a year?

How about love?

Valentine’s Day is here, and everywhere you look, you can see its influence in our community.

Florists have window displays filled with red-and-pink everything. Chocolate-covered strawberries and heart-shaped cakes and cookies are in the spotlight in our local supermarkets. American Heart Month is being promoted by local healthcare officials. Shops and restaurants are advertising their Valentine’s Day specials.

Love is in the air.

The first two lines of this column are lyrics from a song you probably know – if only, like me, from pop culture rather than the musical from whence the song comes. “Seasons of Love” is the most popular song from the hit Broadway show and movie “Rent.” I’ve never seen it, myself, but we sang the tune in high school choir.

It’s hard not to think of it this time of year. “Remember the love.” “Measure your life in love.” It’s a message made for love month.

Though we think of it this month perhaps more than ever, every time is the right time for love. Whether or not you have someone special you’ll be spending Feb. 14 with, whether or not romance is in your purview, love can always be at the forefront of our lives.

The Bible tells us God is love, and that love is what will abide above all else.

No matter the question, love is the answer.

That’s what’s on my mind this week.