New coach readies to build Vina baseball program

Cody Refrow knows building the kind of baseball program he wants at Vina is going to take time, but he said he is excited for the challenge and opportunity.

Being a firstyear coach adds to the challenges of building a program.

“Vina is home for me. I know the parents, and I am comfortable with the kids and the community,” said Renfrow. “I want our guys to keep an open mind and come to work every day to get better and be patient.”

Renfrow has a couple of players who will help him make the transition and get comfortable in his new role – senior Trenton Alack and sophomore Grayson Ridge.

“Trenton is our most experienced guy on the mound and plays third base,” said Renfrow. “Grayson might be our most talented all-around player.”

Renfrow said his team’s attitude will go a long way in how they respond over the course of the season. “Our guys have a great willingness to learn, and their attitude has been great,” said Renfrow. “They are very positive. There is a lot of upside and potential to grow for this group.”

Key for a young team is developing some leaders to help them overcome the challenges that go with building a program.

“We have a core group of 10th-graders who could have a chance to be good if they do things the right way and approach the game the right way,” said Renfrow.

Vina plays in Class 1A, Area 13, with Belgreen, Hackleburg and Phillips.


No. Name Grade

4 Trenton Alack Senior

19 Wyatt Kennedy Junior

5 Grayson Ridge Sophomore

7 Bailee Scott Sophomore

14 Alex Hargett Sophomore

8 Justin Sparks Sophomore

12 Brandon Henry Sophomore

22 Cai Lawler Freshman

20 Trevor Baker Freshman

10 Buford Watson Freshman

9 Zach Sparks Eighth grade

2 Bryson Finch Eighth grade

1 Lane Easterling Eighth grade

23 Matthew Patterson Eighth grade