March 2022 Land Transactions

March 1

Wilmington Savings Fund to Traci Hall, warranty

Michael H. Hasheider to Christy Hasheider, survivorship

Stevie Sims to TCS Leasing Inc., warranty

March 2

William R. Burns to William R. Burns, warranty

William R. Burns to William R. Burns, warranty

Benjamin David Jones to Alabama Power Company, easement

Paul Allen McClesky to Alabama Power Company, easement

Ernest DeWyatt Gilbert to Alabama Power Company, easement

John R. Foll to Alabama Power Company, easement

Mark Garwill MGKellar to Alabama Power Company, easement

Denford L. Davis to Randy Bolton, warranty

March 3

Jordan Massey to Timothy O. Massey, survivorship

Sheree Strickland Canida to Alexander Anie Sagastume, corrective

Jesse D. Mills to Jessica Porter, corrective

Thomas E. McClure to Amber Nicole Mardis, survivorship

Margaret Bell to Mary E. Craig, warranty

U.S. Bank to Joslyn N. Garrison, quit claim

March 4

Danny Hall to David Cochran, warranty

Paige Wehunt to Paige Wehunt, executor’s

Ann Spencer to Charles Edward J. Spencer, warranty

Ann Spencer to Charles Edward J. Spencer, warranty

Brian K. Burns to Lance Calvin Duncan, survivorship

Melvin Pruett to Vanderbilt Mortgage, foreclosure

March 7

Thomas W. Baker to Tracy Terrell, warranty

Will Lane to Wilmer Garcia, warranty

Edward Howell Bishop to Mark Stephen Bishop

Matthew Nix to Vickey Joe Nix, quit claim

March 8

Kimberly Clark Bennett to Harold Hugh Clark, warranty

Anthony Clark to Harold Hugh Clark, warranty

John Thomas Smith to John Thomas Smith, warranty

Jason Gist to Kricket Ranch LLC, warranty

Anna Willis to Dawn H. Thorn, power of attorney

Deborah Anne Jones Farris to Rodney Stephen Jones, corrective

Rodney Stephen Jones to Rodney Stephen Jones, corrective

March 9

Luther Randall Quinn to Jimmy Shawn Hines, warranty

Juan F. Domingo to Andres Gaspar Andres, warranty

Thomas Richard White to Three B. Properties LLC, warranty

Johnny Wayne Hamby to Kenneth Skyler Schmitto, survivorship

Roger D. Ayers to Sharla Horton, warranty

March 10

Mary Eloise Heaps to Karen Taylor, warranty

March 11

Jerry Hastings to Vecil N. Williams, quit claim

Vecil N. Williams to Stidham Properties LLC, warranty

James E. Breitenbach to Lyndon McCavitt, survivorship

Regina Willingham to Juan Antonio Bau Barrios, survivorship

March 14

Philip Curtis Hallmark to Philip Curtis Hallmark, quit claim

Eddie Beason to Toby Gray, affidavit

Willie Frank Lindsey to Jeremy Burns, warranty

Jeremy Burns to Valley State Bank, assignment

Tabitha L. Clark to Gary L. Clift, survivorship

March 15

Carrie A. Small to Jaime de Jesus F. Herrera, warranty

Michael D. Cummings to Ogalindo Ben Diego-Mateo, warranty

Russellville Realty LLC to First Metro Bank, resolution

Russellville Bilt LLC to First Metro Bank, resolution

Riverfront 1432 LLC to Hakimi Capital Group LLC, resolution

Russellville Realty LLC to Riverfront 1432 LLC, statutory

Gerida Eloise Bryant to David Rayburn Yocom, survivorship

Jeffrey M. James to Tanner Chase James, warranty

Wanda Welch to Jennifer Eady Welch, survivorship

John Anthony Burrow to Nery Celastino Vasquez, corrective

Larry D. Brooks to David Lane Brooks, warranty

Nickolas Hicks to Jay Lynn Stoltzfus, warranty

March 16

Denny M. West to Denny M. West, warranty

Raymond Madden to Raymond Madden, clerk’s

Patricia A. Milhouse to United States of America, trust agreement

March 17

Sammy Hatton to Russellville Rental Properties, warranty

Russellville Realty Resolution to First Metro Bank, affidavit

March 18

Kellin Hester to Brittany L. Crosby, warranty

Franklin County Industrial to Tiffin Motor Homes Inc., warranty

Aldo Echeverria to Jaime Vargas, warranty

Alan Boyd to Ransel Sparks, warranty

Ricky B. Trail Sr. to Lee A. Berry, survivorship

Julius David Clark to Jeffrey David Clark, warranty

Eldon C. Vinson to Alexander J. Fragile, warranty

Terry Aldridge to Michael Carter, warranty

Trustee in the Bankruptcy to Neal Hargett, trustee’s

Alex Rivera to Gloria Mateo Pedro, warranty

Aurelio Ortega to Bret Gist, survivorship

Jeremy Baker to Deanna Baker, quit claim

March 21

Hal Wayne Landers to Hal Wayne Landers, quit claim

Mark Rollins to Ryan Champion, warranty

Joey T. Coan to Donna Coan King, warranty

Joey T. Coan to Douglas L. Coan, warranty

Joey T. Coan to Donna Coan King, warranty

Joey T. Coan to Chadwick Wesley Coan, warranty

Linda Williford Webster to Wendell Williford, quit claim

Wendell Williford to Wendell Williford, survivorship

Randall Mills to Greg Scott, corrective

Greg Scott to Randall Mills, warranty

Carolyn A. Wilson to Casey Ray James, easement

Edith Ann Hovater Jones to Casey Ray James, executor’s

Fred Olive Pilgrim to Miguel Angel Montelongo, warranty

March 22

Philip Curtis Hallmark to Philip Curtis Hallmark, quit claim

Billy Wayne Cook to Wyley Cook, survivorship

Tanner Lee Maddox to Evan Carter Properties LLC, warranty

March 23

Jesse P. Young to Andres Lopez, quit claim

Christopher Knott to Ronald Bowen, warranty

John W. Thorn to Byron Cheek, warranty

March 24

Joel Hamm to Jimmy Wayne Wright, warranty

Ernesto Vargas to Henry Gabriel Herrera, survivorship

Faith Mission Outreach to John S. Thorn, survivorship

Emily Hill to Michael Wilson, affidavit

Michael Lee Wilson to Thomas R. White, survivorship

Jose Gonzalez Giles to Samuel Carreto, warranty

Roger Daniel to Tara D. Oliver, warranty

Talton Ray Miller to Patricia Juan, warranty

Pamela Gray McCalpin Moore to Jeffrey Shirley, warranty

March 25

Matthew Brazil to Jeremy Melson, survivorship

Tyler James to Thomas Thompson, warranty

Susan Darlene Bishop to Jose Manuel Sanchez-Cotoc, survivorship

Michal J. Flaxcoa to Jose Manuel Sanchez-Cotoc, survivorship

Jose Manuel Sanchez-Cotoc, survivorship to Valley State Bank, assignment

Tyler James to Caleb Thompson, warranty

Lori Nail Basham to Shannon G. Clements, affidavit

Alissa N. Clements to Tommy L. Smith, warranty

James Hagood to Kathryn Weeks, quit claim

Judith Dickinson Reynolds to Jason Cecil Hester, warranty

Larry Fretwell to Courtney Ashton Rollins, warranty

Danny Ray Cochran to David Ray Cochran, warranty

Mark A. Green to Mark A. Green, survivorship

March 28

Leonard O. Lassiter to Mortgage Electronic Registry, foreclosure

Ramon Godinez to Angelino Velasquez Lucas, survivorship

Kay Scott to Thomas Palmer, warranty

Mary A. Fralix to Lowell James Michels Jr., survivorship

Marvin Lionel Leathers to Marvin Lionel Leathers, warranty

Billy Keeton to Christy Sue Stanford, warranty

Tara L. Yarbrough to Robert W. Layton, survivorship

His Son Ministry to James Norman Woodruff II, corrective

Bobby Canup Jr. to Chris Porter, corrective

Michael Emerson to Michael Emerson, corrective

Orville R. Nash to Wallace Morris Woodruff, affidavit

David McDuffa to David Alan Rudy, warranty

David Cox to Venustiano Perez Santos, warranty

March 29

Jeremy Melson to Alexander Mark Polasky, warranty

Alexander Mark Polasky to Community Spirit Bank, lease (assignment)

Timothy Ken Boyles to Janice Saint, survivorship

Rachel E. Trapp to Eulalio Figueroa Herrera, warranty

Sheriff Shannon Oliver to Jason F. Miller, deed (sheriff’s)

Harold Keith Vaughn to Raymond Steven Ortega, warranty

Dale Jeffreys to Daniel J. Kearns, warranty

Dallas Steven Hood to Lucas Caleb Sherrill, survivorship

Julie Dawn Allen to Regina D. Hester, warranty

Julian Almon Rivers to David Ward, personal representative

David Ward to Joshua Barber, warranty

Joshua Barber to Valley State Bank, assignment miscellaneous

March 30

Victoria Mitchell to Victoria Mitchell, warranty

Dorothy M. Simpson to Angela Townsel, warranty

Angelia Darlene McCrary to Harvey Williams, survivorship

Angelia Darlene McCrary to Harvey Williams, survivorship

Martha Jane Goss to Allen Goss, power of attorney

Allen Goss to Martha Jane Goss, power of attorney

Eddie Beason to Ricky Young, affidavit

Billy Jones to Marty Vandiver, warranty

Joshua Leonard Barber to Cammela Benza, quit claim

March 31

Eddie Beason to Elmer T. Hovater, affidavit

Freddie Charles Hovater to Christina Francisco Juan, corrective

Vanderbilt Mortgage to Vanderbilt Mortgage, affidavit

David Hall to Martin Miguel Pascual, survivorship

Linda C. Fuller to Carolyn Hall, affidavit

John David Willis to Marciano Juan Mateo, survivorship

Franklin County

BTCPA auditions for final production of season take place March 3-4 

Franklin County

RCS holds annual Black History Month program 

Franklin County

PROGRESS 2024: American Legion Posts 64 and 120 – ‘Veterans Strengthening America’

Franklin County

RHS graduate crowned Miss Northwest Shoals

Franklin County

RHS graduate crowned Miss UNA

Franklin County

PROGRESS 2024: In memoriam – Monuments honor the fallen of Franklin

High School Sports

RHS senior chosen as Bryant-Jordan Region 8 Scholar winner

High School Sports

Russellville High School ladies soccer team members participate in annual Night to Shine


Russellville High School Scholars Bowl team qualifies for state tournament


Vina kindergarteners connect with lots of other classes


PCHS JAG student places in district conference


Wedding Spotlight: Layne and Frank Edwards

Franklin County

RHS senior competes at state DYW competition


Extension, 4-H present free resume workshop

Franklin County

Franklin County has lots to love

High School Sports

Russellville High School honors alum Luther Tiggs with special night of basketball


BTCPA announces second production of season


RMS holds annual state assessment celebration

Franklin County

Red Bay welcomes new city attorney

Franklin County

Attempted traffic stop leads to high-speed vehicle pursuit, wreck 

Franklin County

Vehicle pursuit ends in wreck, arrest 


RFD, RHS collab promotes job readiness, community safety

Franklin County

Local students named to Mississippi State University’s fall 2023 President’s List


Russellville Elementary features among U.S. News & World Report best elementary schools