Delta Sigma Theta sorority gives each RES student new book

Delta Sigma Theta’s Muscle Shoals chapter gave away 601 books at Russellville Elementary School March 24 – enough for each student to get a new book.

The giveaway took place the same week as a school book fair.

“While many of our students had money to buy books at the book fair,” explained Principal Kristie Ezzell, “many were not able to participate, so this comes at an especially good time. For every student to receive a brand-new book is very meaningful, and we thank these wonderful ladies for making it possible.”

It’s a mission near and dear to the hearts of the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta. While it’s their first giveaway at RES, they have been doing book giveaways since the mid-60s, including to elementary, middle and high schools, as well as at parades and other places, including Florence’s First Friday.

“It gets bigger and better every year,” explained the first vice-president of the Muscle Shoals chapter, Felice Green. “We love it.”

For Jacqueline Poole, chair of the Delta Sigma Theta book giveaway committee, it’s an especially rewarding experience.

“This is one of our educational endeavors, and we love seeing how excited the children are,” she said. “We have gotten the nicest thank you notes from students, administrators and others in the community.”

Franklin County Extension director Katernia Cole Coffey, who is also the publicity chair of Delta Sigma Theta, said it’s a worthwhile investment in the future of the children and those they will go on to impact in the future.

“Reading is incredibly important because it allows a child to learn new things and develop thoughts and helps lead to success across numerous areas while also keeping their mind active.”

Ezzell said the school wishes to express its gratitude for such a generous donation.

“We extend many thanks to the local chapter of Delta Sigma Theta for making this possible,” she said. “Every child in the school receiving a new, free book means so much. We let each child pick their own book to take home, and they all did it with a huge smile. It felt wonderful to see them so happy.”